Saturday HVAC repair

The weekend was finally here! That was my rallying cry a little while ago. It had been an extremely long week, and I couldn’t wait to just relax and luxuriate in the weekend. I had everything planned out. I was going to go swimming after my saturday breakfast. Then, I was going to check out a new movie on sunday evening. It was going to be excellent! That was the plan, until I woke up saturday morning to a huge problem with my HVAC system. I hopped out of bed and wondered why it was blazing hot inside my home. I checked my thermostat, and it read an astounding 93 degrees fahrenheit inside! I tried to adjust my thermostat so that the air conditioner would kick on, and nothing happened. I waited and wished for over an hour, but still the familiar humming sound within the air conditioner never came. This would definitely be a damper on my weekend! I scrapped my plans, and contacted my local HVAC business. Luckily they were open on weekends. I was also lucky since they weren’t very busy and were able to send out a HVAC specialist the same day. Hopefully the HVAC technician would be able to repair my air conditioner so I could still see my movie as I planned. I sweated through the afternoon until the HVAC technician made it to my place. He first examined the compressor, and soon found the problem. He had my air conditioner repaired very quickly! I was so happy, that I gave him a nice tip! Movie night was still on! The broken HVAC system didn’t ruin my entire weekend, and that was quite the bonus!

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