Fan replacement with the HVAC

The only benefit of living in an apartment complex is the fact that you, as a renter, do not need to pay for repairs and issues like a homeowner does. If a product, like a fridge or dishwasher needs repair, the landlord takes care of the problem. If a window breaks, the landlord fixes it. It is rare that a repair issue comes right out of the tennent’s pocket. Conversely, a homeowner has to pay for everything bad that happens. In my last apartment, the HVAC unit seemed to be on the fritz. The landlord and super were inside my place so much, we ended up basically as roommates. I saw the repair guy a multitude of times, we were on first name basis. One year, he was literally there every month. A couple of weeks it was the coolant, the other month it was the coils, 1 month there was a small leak, another time there was a bad wiring issue. The last time was the fan. Eventually the entire unit would have to be completely replaced. The only good news in doing this was that none of these expenses came out of my account. The costs usually came out of the rent and sometimes the landlord just paid them outright. Before the unit was replaced, the repair guy was inside my place so many times that he asked me to attend his wedding. Being an usher at the wedding of an HVAC company tech was pretty great. He let us dress comfortably and he kept the air conditioner blasting the entire time.

HVAC set up