Less AC in library

At the moment, I’m getting my masters degree at a massive university down south. I was accepted inside the program of my choice just before I graduated undergrad, so I could start immediately. So far, I like the area and the routine I’m in. A lot of my acquaintances ask me the same exact question: ‘is pursuing a master’s degree much harder than a bachelor’s degree?’ To tell the truth, there’s not much of a difference academically. Most of my classes have commenced right where I left off. Thankfully, I excelled in all my previous classes. However, there is one category that’s giving me a run for the money. My professor is just about the most difficult professor at the university. It doesn’t help that my class is over 200 people either, so one-on-one attention is not really a possibility. I have to spend a great deal of my spare time studying and trying to keep up! I’ve found that the best place for me to study is the higher education library. However, the library keeps the temperature cool! I passed the thermostat one day and noticed that it was set to 65 degrees! This is very uncomfortable for me, because I prefer to study in a place that is comfortable and quiet. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places which might be warm or quiet enough to me. I can’t stay in the apartment either, because I will just get distracted. I would never get anything done! I have to bring a sweatshirt and sit beside a sunny window whenever I want to study. Although the library’s thermostat is set so low, I have to do what I can if I have any desire of passing this particular class.

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