Prefer AC at the theater

Movie theatres are wickedly cold. The majority bring a jacket with them to a movie theatre, even in the warmer months. Sometimes it’s to just sneak in candy and snacks but more to keep warm. Movie attendance also goes strategically up during the Summer due to the hot weather outside and that cool air inside. I love going to the movies any time of year, but I never bring a jacket for the cold. I love air conditioning and thought about how I love being cooled off on a hot day. Going to the flicks not only accomplishes this, it also provides two or three hours of entertainment. Whether I am there watching evil aliens invade our planet or friendly aliens saving us, I am comfortable and cozy. What confuses me though, is that the cinemas certainly run the air conditioner throughout the entire year. In the Summer and toasty Spring months, that makes complete sense. In the Winter and additionally colder Fall months, it really doesn’t make any sense. I guess one could argue that circulating air is better than stale air, but one might prefer warm circulating air over cool circulating air when it is freezing outside. Someone told me that the thing is that people wear warm clothes inside the cooler months and they don’t really want to remove layers to just sit for two hours. If the air inside that theatre is cool then the customer does not need to adjust their clothes while in the movie. It is a matter of convenience to the moviegoers but really has nothing to do with the actual movie theatre or even the movie itself.

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