The air quality in the spa

Now don’t you just love the feeling after a nice day at a spa? I surely do so I was excited when a fresh one opened in our city. One of the reasons I was excited was because the closest one, up until this time, had been about 30 minutes away. When I got the flyer telling us when the opening day was I immediately called and made an appointment for myself and my mother. I thought this would certainly be a great day for us to spend time together and get pampered at the same time. We were able to get in just two days after the opening but when we arrived the whole place smelled of paint fumes and had been very muggy. Our first stop during the day was to get a full body massage. When we were called back, I was hopeful that it would be a much more comfortable setting. Sadly, we were disappointed because the air was very heavy and had a foul odor. We asked the technician if their particular HVAC system was working appropriately. It being a new building I figured they would have thought to install a quality system in advance. She seemed annoyed when I asked this question and went on to tell me that the proprietors had cut corners when it came to heating and air conditioning. She said that they had put together an expensive system but it hadn’t included an air filtration system powerful enough to cut out the odors from the building or get rid of the humidity. This was going to be a real problem at this Spa because there’s constant moisture and mold that can grow quickly. Not to mention the overall smells that just come with body treatments being done for hours. She sadly said that she didn’t think they would be open long unless they fixed the problem.

air quality