The HVAC contractor fooled me

Don’t ever let yourself be taken advantage of by someone you think you can trust. I always thought that I’m a excellent judge of character but a situation happened last month that my partner and I was completely shocked by. My HVAC dealer contacted me to inform me that the technician I’ve used for years had retired. They would be sending a new technician over. I have done business with this company for years so I agreed that it would probably be fine and looked forward to meeting the new person that would be servicing my HVAC system. When the technician arrived on the day of the appointment I opened the door and had a quick feeling that something wasn’t right with this guy. He showed me his identification and he was in the company truck so I never gave it a 2nd thought and showed him the basement. He came back after about half an hour later and said that he had some rather bad news with my situation, he said that I was required to replace my entire HVAC system since the device looked like it would definitely be very costly to service. I questioned him because I never had an issue with it before and my previous technician informed me at his last visit that it was in decent shape. I then became very suspect of his tactics and made an excuse that I had to leave for the store and I would have to reschedule the appointment. As soon as he departed I contacted my HVAC Company and went over what I had been told, the owner ended up being very apologetic. He said that mine was not the first complaint he had received about this technician and that he might possibly be letting him go. It is always best to be able to trust your instincts when anyone is in your house doing repairs and always make sure to check with the company if you aren’t comfortable with what you are being told.

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