The shop AC went out

I worked at the local costume shop as a seasonal temp going back several Halloweens, perhaps 15 years now. They are open all year round, but do most of their business between Halloween and Xmas, renting out masquerade clothes, Father christmas costumes, elf hats, and Snowman face covers. Last year, after an air conditioning leak ruined many of the costumes in the warehouse, the owner decided to shut down the shop and discover a new location. Luckily, an HVAC company across the road was relocating as well. Their building was for sale. The costume shop owner figured an HVAC company would have a wonderful central HVAC system and it would probably be high tech. She bought the building and needed all hands on deck to assist in the move. It took two whole days, but we were able to move everything from building to building efficiently. Another two days, and everything was ready for the new shop to open. Only some customers had been taken care of when the staff began to notice how hot the shop was. The HVAC inside the new building had gone haywire! It was like an HVAC curse had been placed on the shop and the owner. She quickly looked up the number for the HVAC company that previously occupied the building and asked them to come out and fix the system. The shop had to close back down temporarily, but by the end of that week it was going again with a good as new air conditioning system and a cheerful staff. Not to mention the customers were very happy.

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