Heater safety

I used to be a heating and cooling system installer but I retired quite a while ago. Installing air conditioning units and heating systems required years of difficult work and my knees couldn’t handle it anymore. When I was working, I had to be sure that each and every heating system was installed properly and attached to gas lines and electricity the proper way. Not only did I have a series of safety checks I liked to run, but I would also would urge residents to invest in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. Sometimes, I would even buy a bunch of them and sell them to people at wholesale if it came down to it. As an air conditioner and heating system installer, I would do anything to avoid hearing about the death of a customer because of a fire or carbon monoxide. After I retired, I decided to go into public service. Recently, the state hired me to be an educator. Basically, I take a look at low income houses and supply learning materials about heater protection. If they have space heaters, I give them a checklist for preventing fires and I always make sure they have fire extinguishers as well as carbon monoxide alarms. The state even gives them out for nothing if a family can’t afford them. I teach people how to watch out for warning signs about heating system failures and learn how to check for gas leaks and the likes of that. It’s a very rewarding job and it is perfect for me. I am very excited using my knowledge about heating systems to help the community.

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