I can keep the AC clean

Once the central cooling system was installed inside my house, I took it for granted. Other than occasionally changing its air filter, I didn’t give it a second thought. I figured that the air conditioner was brand new and would automatically operate properly. The cooling equipment functioned without any subsequent problems for nearly ten whole years. I then noticed that it was subsequently running for much longer cycles and providing much less cold air. I kept having to set the thermostat lower and lower to obtain comfort during really hot times of the year. It became far more humid inside, and I seemed to have to dust and vacuum every other day. Eventually, the air conditioner started rattling whenever it kicked on, and it smelled weird. I began suffering from headaches during the summer months, so I finally contacted a neighborhood HVAC contractor. The HVAC specialist took the air conditioner apart to show me the problem. I was completely disgusted by the amount of dust, mold, and algae trapped inside. Whenever the air conditioner started a cycle, it was subsequently blowing bacteria and contaminants right into my breathing air. Plus, as a result of accumulation of filth, the air conditioner was struggling with airflow and drawing on excessive amounts of energy. It was no wonder my electric bills had increased and my house was far dirtier. The air conditioner was needing some serious cleaning and attention. It took the HVAC contractor several hours to clean the coils, fan blades, motor, and all other various affected components. When he had completed his work, however, the cooling equipment worked like new. I will never again neglect its regular repair.

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