I just keep reading

I adore going to water parks. Unfortunately, I never seem to get a chance to actually go. I always make plans to go only to cancel because I’m too busy with work. In fact, it’s been four years since I made it to the water park! Well, that changed this past week when I basically had no choice. I woke up early in the morning to find my air conditioning system had completely kicked the bucket. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to turn back on, so I decided to call some local air conditioning repair companies. The first one I called said they wouldn’t be able to come until the next week! There was no way I’d be able to survive a whole week with no air conditioning unit. My house sits in the sun and during the afternoons, can easily get over 95 degrees indoors. I didn’t want to risk dying of heat stroke! The second HVAC company said they could make it out in three days, but that still wasn’t quick enough for me. I kept calling until I was finally able to find an HVAC company that said they could come repair my AC as early as the next morning. I scheduled the visit, but then had to figure out how I was going to keep cool for the rest of the day? Then I had a splendid idea. Why not take a trip to the water park?! It was literally a perfect day for it. I called my neighbor to see if he wanted to join me, and since his other plans fell through he was able to come along. I tossed on my swimsuit and took off 10 minutes later. It turned out to be a fantastic day! It cooled me off perfectly, and my air conditioning system was fixed the next morning.

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