This HVAC system did what we needed

A year ago, I made the decision to live without having any kind impact on the environment. I moved into a small house, sold my car, installed a few solar panels to charge things like my phone and hot plate, and even built a filtration system to catch rain water. My bike is my only means of transportation and I only shop locally. I only use reusable containers instead of creating any trash, and I try to grow as many of my own vegetables and fruits in my garden as I can. So far, everything has been running smoothly, but last week I realized how much I miss having an adequate heating and cooling system. I went to visit my sister in the next town over and was amazed at how cool and pleasant her house felt. I think I stood inside the doorway for fifteen minutes just inhaling the nice cold air coming out of the HVAC ventilation. For the past 12 months, I never missed my vehicle, or shopping at Target, but I’ll admit I miss my air conditioner. After spending the weekend inside my sister’s place, I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s any way to run an air conditioning system on my solar power, but I don’t think it’s possible without adding several more panels. Oh well, who could have predicted how hard it can be to live without an air conditioner. Possibly someday, clean and green air conditioners will be a reality. Until then, I suppose I’ll just continue to visit my sister and relax inside the wonderful air conditioned air whenever I’m nostalgic for my old life.