We’re hoping for the best

I have been saving up to renovate my own kitchen. I am hoping to replace the cupboards, countertop, appliances and light fixtures. It’s going being an expensive and disruptive undertaking, but I am eager so that I can finally have my kitchen built perfectly. I plan to reconfigure the layout and get rid of the ventless heater. Right now, the ventless heater is the only access I have to any type of temperature control. Although the heater is relatively compact, it takes up valuable space and isn’t all that attractive. Plus, it isn’t very good at keeping the kitchen nice and warm on really cold winter days. In the area I live, the temperature on a regular basis drops well below zero, and the heater seems to run constantly. Because it is a single stage unit, it blasts heat until it reaches the thermostat setting and then abruptly shuts off. This creates unpleasant temperature swings, and draws a great deal of energy. After a lot of research into different HVAC choices, I have settled on a ductless mini split system. A split system is made up of a compact outdoor unit linked to small indoor component that mounts up at the top of the wall. There are all different styles of indoor components, from simple white to mirrored finishes and even customizable units. One particular indoor component may be personalized with photographs or artwork is framed to look like images on the wall. I am prepared to spend a tad bit more money to purchase a ductless heat up pump, which would provide heating within the winter and cooling in our summer. Not only would the ductless heat pump allow space, but it would be visually appealing and maintain ideal temperature throughout every season.

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I don’t know what the right choice is

Several years ago, my husband Martin and I bought a two-hundred year old farmhouse with the idea to fix it up. The house had been neglected for many years, and everything was outdated  in addition to in terrible condition. We totally enjoyed the renovation process, taking time to make sure every little detail was right. When we first bought the house, I was disappointed by the boiler system in the basement. I was hoping to tear the whole thing out and replace it with a forced air furnace. Martin was not agreeable to this due to the cost, mess, and labor linked to implementing the ductwork. I figured that since we were tearing most of the old plaster walls and ceilings down anyway, it wouldn’t be too difficult. Martin convinced me to live with the old boiler through one winter, and then make a decision. By the end of that first winter, I was totally convinced that the boiler was the best heating system ever. Despite the age of the boiler, it produces a tremendous amount of heat and is incredibly energy efficient. I love that your heat is very gentle  along with clean, and the system is completely silent. Because of the central heating boiler, it was easy to arrange zoned conditioning, which allows us to regulate temperature independently in each room. Plus, the boiler supplements our water heating requirements and heats our swimming pool in the summer. We are considering the possibility of radiant floors inside the kitchen and bathroom, and possibly a snowmelt system beneath the driveway.

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This took a long time

For a long time, my wife and kids begged to have central air conditioning installed in the house. I did not feel that a cooling system was a necessity in this particular area. Although the summer climate is quite hot and humid, it is quite short. I figured we would only run the air conditioner two months of the year. Although the duct system was already in place for the furnace installation, cooling equipment can be a sizeable investment for only two months of enjoyment. Once the air conditioner was functioning, I was surprised by many benefits. We were able to throw out the many box fans and the portable air conditioners in our bed room windows. Since the portable air conditioners tend to be ugly and ruin the view from the windows, I was happy to be rid of them. With the windows firmly closed and latched, the house is much more secure and also cleaner. Were are no longer exposed to exhaust fumes, dust from the streets, bugs, and noise. Furthermore, the central cooling system filter the indoor air, creating a healthier and fresher natural environment. It handles excess humidity, combatting this sticky feeling, and allowing my family to sleep better. I was surprised by how much we use the air conditioner. We actually start the cooling system shortly after that snow melts, simply because the house is much more pleasant. Because we have a zoned control HVAC system, we can easily customize the temperature settings in this particular bedrooms. I now wish that I had made the investment into central cooling many years ago.climate control

Icy sidewalks

When you attempt to enjoy most of your day somewhere, it’s really unfortunate for those who have to leave because it is uncomfortable. That’s what happened to me when I went to an icy cold cafe in the city this day, that clearly had their air conditioning up too high. I had never been to this shop and had planned on getting some work done, but that didn’t happen as the cooling unit in the place was so distracting. It was a pretty breezy, chilly saturday and I was wishing that the coffee shop had a patio to escape the cooling, but they didn’t. It was subsequently freezing cold in the disgusting place and really made no sense why they would even have their cooling on full blast when it was only about 60 degrees outside. I think it might have been even lower than that! I was actually looking around frantically, trying to locate the spot where the HVAC vents were, but couldn’t see them at all. I’m sure I appeared to be a crazy person to the people inside the coffee shop that day, but I really didn’t care. When I asked the barista if he could turn the air conditioning down, he looked at me and smirked saying that it was hot out and he couldn’t fulfill my request. I actually was shocked! What a bunch of bull jive, I thought to myself. I am not a snobby person at all and can tolerate hearing the word “no”, but he was very rude and did not a thing to accomodate my needs, as I’m sure I wasn’t the only customer in the shop that was freezing. Not only did he lose a potential customer, but his manager certainly was going to be hearing from me about this daunting cooling issue.

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This summer is going well

There are few things that annoy me on earth, but if I had to share one, it would be unpredictable weather changes and too much HVAC use. I have been caught dead in the winter time with a light jacket, thinking that it might be a mild chill outside, and end up regretting what I decided to wear. The identical happens in the summer time where I most certainly will wear a tank top, and next it starts raining out of seemingly nowhere. At that point, I just want to be dry and inside a warm place that has an efficient heating system. The most recent clothing mistake was when I wore sandals. It was a sunny day out and and I was happy to start my day. I really didn’t wish to leave my warm, toasty property, but I decided to go together with my purple bejeweled sandals and made my exit out of the door. I was really enjoying the outside that morning, so much that I decided to get some iced tea at a local pastry shop in the neighborhood. The cool air coming off their HVAC system was nice in the beginning when walking in, but once my body had cooled off, I started to shiver a tad bit. Was there something wrong with the cooling unit? I had stared down towards my flip flops and hit my forehead because I knew that this wasn’t the only place that would have their air conditioning on full blast. I mean, it was nearly 80 degrees outside. There is nothing worse than ordering something in a place that is clearly mistreating the air conditioning. I sat down and positioned my hands underneath my legs and took off my sandals to sit with my feet. At this point, I looked like a ridiculous, shivering, limb-puzzled buffoon. The A/C was just too much to endure so I finished my pastry fast so I could get out of there.

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I need more heating

Because of our demanding work schedules, my husband and I rarely get any time to spend together. For months now, we have gotten out of work, came home, and ordered out. We would then make our way to bed right after a shower. We have been married for pretty much 10 years and I felt that we really needed to rekindle things together to get that spark back in our relationship. This was really starting to become depressing. My husband and I decided that we would go eat at a local high-end restaurant last weekend to spend an afternoon together. It was really nice so as to sit across the table from him and gaze into his eyes, giving the man my full undivided attention. We had such an amazing conversation, unpacking our day’s stresses and successes. I suppose what interrupted this beautiful moment was the cold air that we felt blowing out from the HVAC air vents in that restaurant. It was so cold that I was literally shaking! Why oh why do restaurants like these feel that they can charge nearly $100 per plate and leave the heat off? I was so uncomfortable, that I could hardly enjoy my super expensive meal in the overly air-conditioned dining area. I asked the server about this cooling issue and was told that it was always cold and that the manager of the restaurant has never allowed the employees to adjust the thermostat. I’d no problem letting the server know that if this was the deal, my husband and I could not ever eat here again as freezing in an ice-cold restaurant wasn’t in our plans at all.

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Heading into a taxi

I was dealing with a rough patch in life. I had hit a financial obstacle, and was forced to take on a second job. I had a good friend who worked at a taxi company, and he put in a good word for me. I’ve got a good driving record, so I was hired quickly. The key reason why I was going through such a financial hardship was because of my home’s HVAC system problems. It was the middle of the summer and my air conditioner abruptly quit working. I surely could get it repaired by a nearby HVAC technician, but I had wracked up a fairly hefty bill. I was able to set up a payment plan with the HVAC technician which was nice. Nevertheless, I still had to figure out a way to pay it. This taxi job was perfect. My first night with the job started off pretty great, until I realized the irony for the situation. The taxi I was assigned to had no air conditioner! I found it quite funny that I was actually working a second job to pay my air conditioner repair bill, and my job had no air conditioner. What luck! Needless to say, I muscled my way through the job even though I possessed no air conditioner. I promised the HVAC technician I’d personally pay him within the month, so I really had no choice within the matter. I was a person of my word, with or without an air conditioner! I was able to generate the extra money within a few weeks, so I got my air conditioner bill paid back more quickly than I had initially planned.

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Heat waves

My job wasn’t the foremost exciting one in the universe, but it definitely paid my bills. I worked in a nearby post office, and my days would get pretty repetitious. There were some days that were actually exciting, but that was usually only when there was some kind of emergency. Considering I worked at a post office, we actually had quite a few instances where police had to come to the location. You’d be shocked what some people try to put in the mail! One day the other week we had a weird issue happen, but it didn’t entail strange packages. It all started as soon as our air conditioner broke down. It was a regular day, and the air conditioner ended up working it’s cooling magic. Suddenly, a loud bang came from within the air conditioner unit, and it abruptly stopped. The post office soon changed into a walk in heater! My boss quickly called the local HVAC business for the HVAC technician to come out to our facility, but they couldn’t send a technician until later that day. Until then, we would need to suffer the repercussions of the broken air conditioner. Along with the terrible heat, we also had to accommodate sticky envelopes! Good air quality is required to keep envelopes from sticking together, and without a working air conditioner they began to stick to everything! It was actually quite comedic to behold. Eventually, however, the HVAC technician showed up and could fix the air conditioner. Now we just needed to clean up all the glue from the envelopes that was sticking everywhere you looked!


A retirement home

There was no denying the truth that I was getting older. I am only 39 years old, but the day will assuredly come when I’ll have to seriously consider a retirement property. I don’t have any children that could care for me in my elder years, so I wanted to get started in planning sooner than later. So, I set aside some time to do some investigating at the local retirement homes. In my research, I found many unusual situations. The most important thing in my research, however, was the home’s HVAC system. I wanted to be completely sure that my air conditioner in addition to furnace needs would be looked after. Some places were just thoroughly unusual. One place had a superb heating and cooling system, but they had some weird nightly activities people took part in. I thought I would definitely check that place off my list. It was too overpriced anyway. I soon found an excellent place, however. They had good HVAC system aspects. They also had zone control heating and cooling. In addition, they had smart thermostats! This was definitely my kind of site. The thing that wrapped it up in my mind, however, was the fact that you weren’t required to get involved in any of their nightly pursuits. You could choose to live in your zone control heating and cooling geared up room, and just read forever if you wanted to. I would definitely be holding this place in mind for my money! I might even start saving up money towards it now. That HVAC system truly impressed me!

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Dance off fun

I was invited to an annual dance show up last month. At first I didn’t think I would be going, but after I thought about it for a short time I realized it had the potential to be quite enjoyable. I always enjoyed dancing. I was, of course, getting older. My joints would probably hate me afterwards, but I went for it. I went through my cabinet and found all my old “dancing clothes” that I used to wear out to your clubs to prepare for this event. I shuddered at the old fashions I used to wear. Anyway, the night came up and I was fully prepared. The night was starting out fairly well, but soon the air conditioner stopped working. The dance hall had a lot of ductwork and air vents, but the cool air stopped blowing through them. I had to stop dancing given it started to get much too hot. I tried to find someone who worked there to discover more about the air conditioner. I wasn’t alone within this endeavor. There was basically a small mob that had formed to discover the excuse for the air conditioner malfunction. We subsequently found the club manager, and he tried to ease our minds by telling us that an HVAC technician was trying to fix the system at that very moment. The idea calmed us down, but it did nothing to fix the sweaty state we were in as a result of the lack of air conditioning. If the HVAC technician didn’t have the air conditioner fixed soon, I would definitely have to leave. This old body couldn’t take the surplus heat!

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