The AC at my job

If there is one thing that I don’t like about my job, it’s the fact that I am always cold. I work at a doctor’s office, and because of all the computers and machinery that we have, the office is always kept at a chilly sixty degrees Fahrenheit. My boss has given us very strict orders not to touch the thermostat.  All of my coworkers seem fine with this, but I am always cold! At least, I’m usually cold. If I feel stressed then I start to sweat and feel like the AC isn’t even working. However, that doesn’t happen very often. Ninety percent of the time, I feel cold. I have to bring at least one sweater to work and drink hot tea to keep me warm. I remember one day my sweater just wasn’t warm enough. I was desperate enough to climb onto a chair and tape the air vent over my desk completely closed. I covered the whole thing in tape!  My coworkers said there must be something wrong with me, although I really don’t think there is. I simply don’t tolerate the cold well. There is no way I can work efficiently when I’m cold. First, I start to itch, usually on my forearms, knees, and ankles. If I scratch myself enough, then I break out in hives. None of this happens at my house though.. I keep my thermostat at seventy two and that is perfectly comfortable for me. I am thankful that I can at least put a sweater on when I am cold. Thank God for that!


School air conditioner device

Where I went to university, the deficiency of air conditioner in all the academic buildings was a running joke–until it got warm out, when it stopped being odd. There was 1 building in certain that had a lot of steps, as well as it was absolutely painful to have to walk up these steps as well as then lay through tons of classes without air conditioner. Lots of the academic buildings were absolutely old, as well as it was a little private university whose last priority was modernization. But, both of us did eventually get 1 new building within my senior year, as well as my last semester was the only moment I ever entered this building. It was so strange to enter this building as well as see that it had a functioning, high quality Heating as well as A/C plan in location, and during the winter, it had excellent heat, as well as the best space was that there was honestly air conditioner during the hot season. I guess it was harder for me to lay through a sizzling course than a cold course. It is so hard to see when your body is completely drained because of the heat, as well as you are so sleepy you just want to go to bed, which is not helpful when you are taking a hard test! It was absolutely great to have 1 class in the new academic building, but I absolutely wish I’d had a ton more in AC.

central air conditioner

Animals decide on cooling

Being a dog owner is a large responsibility, and for just I, I prefer dogs, but they are loyal, fun as well as just really fun creatures, even big hearts, intelligent as well as loving. I have numerous dogs myself, all with relatively long fur as well as all of them are large dogs. This means that I have to pay close mind when it gets absolutely sizzling out, dogs, especially those with a lot of fur, feel the heat on a much more hard scale than all of us do. The hair keeps them basically insulated, so all men who own dogs need to be conscious about the temperature of their homes during the summertime really. That is why I have a good working Heating as well as A/C system, and my forced air air conditioner keeps my house cool all the day, so that me as well as my dogs are all great to live there. I have just one of the a/cs in the house too, in certain rooms, but often times, I will find my dogs just laying on the floor in 1 of these rooms so that they have better access to the air cooling. They absolutely are intelligent, as well as also prefer to assume cold when it starts to get absolutely sizzling outdoors. I make sure to wash out my air conditioner idea respectfully due to if there is a lot of dust build up, it can cause your a/c to break down on you.

air conditioning company

Furnace service on my own

I am a self-proclaimed DIY person; so, when something goes bad I try to repair it myself before calling in the people who can do it. It was late on a Thursday & my Heating & A/C system was not switching on. The initial thing that I always look at is the control device itself; Previously, I went around the whole list of things that could have been bad with the furnace, when the problem was that the temperature control device batteries needed changing. After confirming that the issue wasn’t the control device this time, I then with the rest of the furnace check. I made sure that the heat to the furnace was turned on; because rightly if it was off there wasn’t going to be any warm air. The gas is on when the device is parallel with the gas pipe; this was not my problem either. Before going any further I made certain to turn off the power to the furnace itself before heading on to check the furnace. I was certain that I had changed my air filter quickly; but, I ran checks on to make sure it was washed. After, my uncle Bob got the heat exchanger in his furnace because Bob didn’t change the air filter & the furnace shut itself down. But, my furnace’s air filter was not dirty & it was looking more & more like I was going to have to call an Heating & A/C professional; However, I did have 1 other thing to look at on the furnace first. An Heating & A/C professional before told me that the blower motor device on the furnace must be completely shut for the furnace to work.

heating and air conditioning

Addition with hydronic heating

Finally the boys are out of the home & I’ve got some very needed repairs to make to my beach home that I could not deal with them still in school.  It’s now time for me to do it.  Without children around all the days, no matter what age, the home absolutely feels greater.  I’m changing 1 kind of room that was a former garage into a “man-cave”.  I’m not sure what to do yet with all the additional rooms I have.  I should really leave at least 1 family room alone for possible overnight people.  But the best room is my next idea.  I’m calling a new Heating & A/C companies in my area for estimates to begin the plan of a current a/c & furnace.  I intend to make my own home but I’ll need the people for the Heating & A/C system especially since it used to be a garage before both of us switched it into a newer family room for the youngest.  That room, due to all of it’s construction was always cold & a bit uncomfortable in the wintertime.   I’ve been looking up weird styles of heating & I’ve concluded that since I need a better floor in my room, a kind of heating called radiant heat may absolutely do the job well for me.  This former garage has a very strenuous concrete floor so I will need a brand new current floor put into this room  The Heating & A/C corporation will require a newer sub-floor where she locales the radiant technology technology.  This radiant heating will send heat up through the boards, starting from the lower level where both of us need the warmth & then up into the air.  But along the bend, the heating will warm all that it touches on the floor.  

radiant heater

Hoping to have quality HVAC

I have figured out there is an unspoken competition between my neighbors over who can fix their home up the best. I like to sit by the windows in my kitchen, and I can’t help notice when something is happening that’s unusual. My suspicions were peaked when I watched a landscaping company’s van park at my neighbor’s house. She had told me over lemonade the day before that she had hired the company to make  her front garden bigger. Within   a few days, my other neighbor had called a different landscape company to come to her home and put in a row of hedges and flower pots. That’s when I began to put the pieces together. I remembered that when Maria had redecorated her family room, Sarah also got her kitchen redone the next month. When Sarah installed a swimming pool, Maris invested in an outdoor kitchen and patio. But the smartest thing they did, was to try to outdo each other with their A/C systems.  It started when Maria upgraded her air conditioner to a modern, energy efficient system. Then, Sarah bought an even bigger central A/C system, that was not only energy efficient but featured zone control. Of course Maria wasn’t about to admit defeat. She called a local HVAC contractor and hired  them to install a smart thermostat  that she can access from her laptop or smartphone.  Sarah responded with the purchase of a ductless heat pump for her sun porch.  It is quite nice.  It is much quieter than a conventional air conditioner and also provides heating capacity.  I know Maria was jealous of it. Maria  should have let it end there, but she paid to install  radiant floors in her master bath and bedroom.   I’m waiting to see what Sarah does next.


Messing up AC setting

Recently, I spent two weeks working to fix our car. It had a quite a few things wrong with it, and it was getting to a point where it had to be fixed before bigger problems occurred. The first concern with the vehicle was the integrity of the tires. I had driven about twice the number of miles on the tires than recommended by  the manufacturer.  When I took the tires in to be replaced, the employee joked that the tires were even balder than his grandfather. I was not laughing. The other problem stemmed from the cooling system. I decided that I would attempt to repair this difficulty on my own, because a/c repair can be super costly. The issue with the air conditioner was a big deal. Whenever I would start the vehicle, the air conditioner would produce warm air, even though the dial was set on the coldest settings. If I adjusted the setting to heat, the car’s heating equipment would supply cold air instead of hot air. I had never experienced an issue similar to that before, and I was not entirely sure how I was going to be able to resolve the problem. My assumption was that there was something screwed  up with the wiring of the air conditioner control panel that caused the settings to be inverted. What I could not figure out was how the panel was working just fine one day and then not at all the next. It would be simpler to explain if the a/c equipment was faulty since the beginning.  After spending a lot of time and effort   on the car, I was finally able to repair the cooling system.

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