Favor for family

My grandmother recently moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Her three bedroom home had gotten too much for her to take care of, so she wanted to downsize. The apartment is really cute and she is excited to be any more manageable space. The only issue she is having with the places the fact that the air conditioner has to run all the time to keep the place cool. I think that the property managers need to have an HVAC technician come out to inspect it. My guess is that it needs some serious cleaning and some minor repairs done so that it can be more efficient. In the meantime, I am considering buying my grandmother a portable air conditioner so that she can use it to keep her bedroom cool in the evenings. We live in a very dry and arid region of the country, and it can get pretty unbearable during summers. I hate the thought of her not being able to get comfortable in her own home, so I won’t at all mind if I need to buy her the portable cooling unit. My grandmother is very easygoing. She’s not one to complain, so I have had to pry all of this information out of her. She has helped me out a lot over the years, so I don’t mind helping her out. My family is very close, so we all want to make sure she is comfortable and happy in her new set-up. Hopefully, the apartment complex will have the HVAC unit inspected soon so that this will no longer be a problem at all. That’s what any responsible company would do.

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