Better HVAC equipment

Our company recently built an alternative office building for its workers. I am feeling excited about the move to the new office building, because it has a cutting edge HVAC system installed. Our old office is quite ancient in all appliances, and the HVAC system was barely working in any respect. The biggest problem is the wintertime season and cold weather, because we are typically bombarded by ice and snow. Our winter season normally lasts about six solid months, and we endure icy, cold conditions throughout. It isn’t unusual for the winter temps to stay below the teens, or even below zero during the morning hours scarily. The new office building is supposed to experience a top-notch HVAC system, complete with completely new gas furnaces we never had. The gas furnace is situated in the basement of the office, and will be used to keep everyone warm during the bitter winter season. The new office building shall be completed in three weeks and I am anxiously awaiting the site of my new office now. Each within the Executive offices are supposed to now be fully equipped with brand new company chairs and desks. I am equally looking forward to this, because my chair doesn’t even go up and down any longer for months. We have been needing this for two long years and the building to become completed. The final construction has been completed and this is the last month, and now we are just waiting for every one of the final touches to transfer over. With the completely new HVAC system running, the indoor atmosphere will be superb. The indoor air quality in our old office was always bad, so we are all ready for our new building to be finalized for the move.