Hoping to be a HVAC contractor

Our high school recently started a new work program for the seniors.  We live in a predominately farm area, and most of the students can’t afford to go on to higher education.  The school has set up an internship that work on the same premise as a job fair.  The kids can interview the different business owners and see if they are interested in their work.  If they like what they see, the businesses interview the students and see if they are what they are looking for.  I was interested in the HVAC company that showed up last week.  They gave a really good demonstration to our class.  He said that the ones they selected would have the ability to shadow one of their top HVAC technicians, for about two weeks.  They would learn various parts of the job, and after two weeks, they would be given the opportunity to do a job on their own.  I liked that it was only for a trial period and I would soon be able to take care of the air filters by myself.  My getting into the program was easy, but explaining it to my parents, was going to be tough.  I was a straight A student, and they thought I would be the first one in the family to go to college.  I sat them down that evening, and I slowly explained the process.  Neither mom nor dad said anything.  I finished with my recitation and take hugged me, and smiled.  He said okay as mom hugged me.  They were pleased with my eloquence and they understood where I was coming from.  I am soon to be in the HVAC internship program.

HVAC component