Hoping to get a new heating system

I produce a  pretty decent living at my current position. I am in a salaried job and the compensation is quite fair, considering I only have a Bachelor’s degree in my field, which isn’t the most lucrative degree to finish off your education with. I stay quite frugal most of the time, and have some in savings, but I’m always focussed about making enough cash to cover the charges of living, which seem to become ever-increasing now. Every time I feel that I have enough savings, life throws me a curveball and my savings are depleted. That’s why I refused to throw my most recent charges on credit cards, and instead I decided to purchase my new HVAC system outright. I had been dealing with an unreliable air conditioning system for the past several months; it failed in the hottest and coldest days of the year, with the AC and furnace requiring immediate repair on those times, respectively. However, now I was fit to live with the unpredictable temperature control thanks to necessity and choice, and continued pretending everything would eventually filter out with the HVAC situation. I actually was so wrong. Eventually it got so expensive to attach that I had no choice but to replace the entire air conditioning for my house. The quotes were  way too high to do a charge card and forget about it, so I started frequenting the internet job boards for additional positions. I landed myself a second awesome job, and have been working feverishly to save up enough money for a new HVAC setup for my home. The sweltering heat is perfect motivation to accomplish my mission!

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