HVAC airbnb

We bought a beach house and put it on the Airbnb.  It has become a really popular site for people who are looking to escape from their boring lives.  We have a lovely home that has furnishings, and we even put in linen.  After discussing it, we decided that we wanted to also put in a heating and air conditioning system.  Most of the beach houses on Airbnb don’t have heating or air conditioning.  They offer to rent, for an additional cost, air conditioners, heaters, and fans.  We have opted to require a deposit on any damages to the property or the air conditioning system.  As I said, we thought it was better to charge a little more for the air conditioning and heating, than to worry about renting extras.  Most of our renters are really glad to pay the extra for a good air conditioning system.  There are those that take advantage of the HVAC.  The annual summer clean up takes a lot of time.  We do all of our own HVAC repairs and we do all of the regular maintenance.  It isn’t really that hard to change an air filter, or to clean an air vents.  It isn’t often, but we do get those rude people who will leave a mess, or abuses the HVAC system and then we have to clear the clogged air vents, and clean the system.  We sometimes change the air filters in between tenants.  It is those that make the Airbnb association not so much fun.  I still think that putting in the HVAC was a better choice for us.

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