The church cooling

You have no idea how difficult it is to get a good attendance at church, nowadays.  Few people truly believe in organized religion and most people have their own way of worshipping.  The church no longer has any hold over their parishioners.  People no longer need to come to church.  There is no need for organized gathering so people can get together.  The onset of cars have made that a possibility for everyday meeting.  Our church has a major problem with our HVAC system and that makes it even more difficult to get our parishioners in the doors.  It is really difficult to sit in a church when the preaching drags on, and you are having a hard time keeping from freezing.  I asked the minister if I could call the HVAC company we got our HVAC system from he said that we couldn’t afford it.  After I showed him the maintenance agreement that went with the new HVAC, and the fact that all maintenance service was free, he readily agreed for me to make an appointment.  When the service tech arrived, I had to laugh.  I hadn’t realized that one of our own parishioners was a HVAC technician, let alone that he worked for the same HVAC company as we had bought our HVAC system from.  He said it was about time we called because he had noticed the change.  He found a lot of blockages in the air vent, and the air filters needed to be changed.  He then made out a work order and circled the zero dollar due in the charge section.

air conditioning unit