The ductwork has fur in it

The animals in my house aren’t just pets, they are apart of the family.  They also provide about ninety percent of the entertainment in our house.  My husband isn’t as entertained as I am, and he is always grumbling about them.  Our cat is forever chasing our dog around.  He’s a large mutt that is as big as a small pony.  Our little siamese cat can scare the life out of him.  The only time the dog isn’t frightened is when he hears the air conditioner click on.  He knows the cat likes the feel of the air conditioning blowing on him and he’ll run for the air conditioning floor vent and sprawl across it.  He takes up the entire surface, and our Simon will hiss and raise his back at him when he can’t get there.  My husband made a snide comment about how his air conditioning was costing more than twice what it should because of this ridiculous behavior that I allow.  Last week, I got home from work, and my house was really hot.  I checked the thermostat and it was set perfectly.  I tried to lower it, but nothing happened, so I called the HVAC service center.  Apparently the pet hair isn’t good for the air conditioning unit.  The filters were clogged shut.  There was pet inside the air conditioner and it was so thick that it had stopped the fans from turning.  The HVAC tech, thought we may have to replace the motor because of all the hair.  After cleaning it really well, he said it was going to be all right, but I need to get my animals to obedience school.

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