Air conditioning and the profits

I have had the same employment for over ten plus years. I enjoy my job, and the people who I work with are so nice. Everyone is really supportive and we have a lot of fun together. I can’t picture going to work anywhere else because I don’t believe I would find such a superb culture in any other office environment. However, I am really starting to get irked with the HVAC system in our building. It keeps breaking. I think this is unwanted because the company should cover their cooling system. A superb air conditioner is needed to maintain a comfortable natural world. Employees need a cool space so as to focus and complete their tasks, and I wish that our leadership team would just do it– replace the HVAC system in the company. I know that it will cost large amounts of money, and business is about making cash, but occasionally it takes money to remain things running efficiently. I am aware that if I were in charge I would be pushing for a new cooling system because I know just how important it is to help you keeping everything going. These may seem like minor things, but the appliances in a building can really make or even break a job experience. I hope that my co-workers don’t get put off by this whole experience because I would really hate if they were to stop coming. I don’t think I would enjoy my job if I were having to work with various people. I think I will bring this issue up at the next staff meeting because I feel like it is required to be pursued.

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