I need a better filter

Since i have live in the deep south where it’s hot and sunny month in and month out, I rely heavily on cool air. My home has the most up to date, top of the line air conditioning system installed. I can’t take a risk on installing an AC system along with having it break down on me part way through the night. I know tons of friends who have experienced AC failure in the worst possible times. This is the reason why I called a trustworthy HVAC professional and had them put in a system that would last consistently, with little to no repair involved. I believe I was their best customer, because I informed them I didn’t have a budget. I don’t think you can put a price on comfort! Not only must I rely on AC inside a home, but I desperately require it in my car. The temperature can reach around hundred degrees during the hottest months, along with intense wetness. I needed a vehicle designed to disperse cool and refreshing air instantly. Last week, the AC inside my car stopped working. It was taking significantly longer to cool my automobile, and it felt like it was eventually only pushing around hot hair. I was very perplexed, so I took my car to the dealership and had them look at it. I was happy to find out that the only thing that needed fixing was the oxygen filter and the refrigerant. The serviceman showed me the air filter in my car and additionally I was grossed out! It was covered with a thick layer of dirt, so i couldn’t believe that I was inhaling the air passing through that! I’m so glad that they made it possible to fix my AC at that moment!

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