I think my HVAC unit will quit some day

A few weeks ago we were tracking a bad storm that is off the coast from where I live, and it was supposed to be an undoubtedly bad storm plus it was coming straight for us! My family did all we could do to prepare; We went out to buy gallon jugs of water, foods that wouldn’t go bad, plus batteries for all the flashlights. However, there was no gas left in our whole town. I think that sounds  stupid but we undoubtedly could not find any gas any where we looked. We were nervous we’d run out of gas by driving around too much so we eventually gave up and went home. The worst part about this is that we now will not have any gas for our generator. We will have to survive until the power gets turned back on without a/c, and who knows when that will happen. I assume I will be okay because I don’t get sizzling hot easily, but I think my brother will really suffer. He is the kind of guy that will have the air conditioner turned on in the summer and wintertime. I don’t know why or how he loves to keep the air conditioner running so high; Lucky for me my parents have a smart control component in the thermostat so I don’t have to have my room the same temperature that he does. I can keep the air conditioner in my room set to a nice 73 degrees. We would undoubtedly get into a lot of fights if both of us had to keep both of our rooms set to the same temperature. That is definitely why my parents got a smart control unit!

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