It’s hard to live through a heat wave

Earlier this summer was especially hot in addition to humid. I reside in the northern area of the country, and our summer season is often short, wet and cool. I’ve never felt the requirement to install any type of air conditioning. This year, however, the house was terribly overheated and sticky. It was impossible to sleep at nighttime, and opening the windows offered no relief. I tried running several box fans, but they merely blew heat and dust all over. I went to every hardware store inside the surrounding areas, hoping to obtain a portable air conditioner, but they were completely sold out. I finally contacted every neighborhood HVAC contractor, trying to schedule installation for the central cooling system. I’d had enough with the ninety degree temperature, brutal dampness, and non stop sweating. I was tired of battling mold on my window sills, spiders in the pantry, and that clammy feeling. Unfortunately, because of the heatwave, the different contractors in the area ended up being extremely busy. They could not offer me an installation appointment before the early fall. By then, I figured the elements would cool down and I’d not any longer need a cooling system. I would have taken the appointment, because the heat and humidity continued to be a problem until the heart of November. I am now debating for sure if I want to invest in the central cooling system before the upcoming summer. I am worried that I may spend the money on a fresh air conditioner and the weather will be being cold and wet. I am equally worried that i won’t invest in air conditioning and be forced to endure another uncomfortable summer.

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