The heating system begins

I love to think that I’m a really hardened person, as far as physical prowess goes. I have a very high pain tolerance resulting from years of discomfort from severe headaches, as well as within the burden of growing up by two older brothers. These elements combined have helped me into a rough and tumble sort of woman. That being said, I am a complete child in the case of facing the physical discomfort of winter months, even when I have modern HVAC technology at my fingertips. The chill, bitter air belongs to the least tolerable physical sensations you would ever imagine. Every time the frigid breeze blows, slamming alongside your exposed skin and reducing through even the heaviest cellular layers of clothing, it feels just like a million pin needles in your skin. Each moment that you will be not safely indoors, surrounded by temperature controlled air delivered straight within the furnace feels like misery. Waking up and having to get up from your cozy bed solely have the cold ambient air ingulf you is horrible. Running to the thermostat to raise the air temperature at dawn is a desperate time, and it will take hours for your heater to create a substantial change in the all around house temperature. Every time you need to go to your vehicle, you will definitely be frozen solid in the subzero temperatures whenever you scrape ice off the truck. In short, winter is some sort of brutal and unforgiving season, and perhaps the best central heating only kind of improves those months.

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