This is peak energy efficiency

I should never have attempted to repair my air conditioner on my own. Although I own an extensive number of tools and am quite the handyman, I have no experience fixing the air conditioning. I am capable of changing the oil in my car, replacing windows and replacing drywall. I have successfully repaired my own vacuum cleaner and installed a completely new water heater. After a bit of research online, I realized that a cooling system has very small number of moving parts. There’s basically a tiny motor, coils, compressor and evaporator. It didn’t seem that difficult to take it apart, diagnose the problem, and put everything back together again. Regrettably, the project turned out being far more complex. I had quite a bit of trouble just accessing the inner workings, and I definitely managed some damage. I discovered that the fan blades are very easily bent and removing the fan belt is simpler than putting it back together. I found a whole bunch of dust, mold and slimy green algae in the air conditioner, but I wasn’t certain that this was the cause of the issue. Once I cleaned the different components, I knew that there was no way I’d be capable of getting it together and running just as before. I ended up calling a friendly neighborhood HVAC contractor to help me out. The guy was nice regarding this, but was definitely aggravated by my efforts. He told me that the repair would definitely cost more because there was a lot of damaged parts that must be replaced. Most likely, the initial malfunction was simply the end result of the dust and mold and could have been easily taken care of.

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