We’re very concerned over the electric

I actually hate feeling like someone is hustling me in any way! I consider myself genuinely street smart, and I try to be overly cautious when I’m making any sort of deal so that I’m not being taken advantage of, that’s why it annoys me to be consistently sending currency off to this place all the time for the privilege of living in basic comfort. I have a feeling these swindlers have found a way to dupe everyone in the States out of their received currency by charging such high costs for something that is a necessity to their lives. I don’t see a way around using energy for lights, internet, and other small electrical devices, and there are really limited openings for alternatives when it comes to heating and cooling. I don’t know if there even are places where it is possible to rely on mother nature to give comfortable weather all year round, and I’ve consistently had to operate our furnace or a/c wherever I live, depending on the respective season. This mammoth supplier realizes that people cannot survive without a/c or heating, and they have the ability to hold us all hostage for using our simple Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems. I assume every person worries about their Heating and Air Conditioning usage, and even thermostats are the cause of family feuds because of it. I suppose it’s totally crazy that we’re essentially owned by these ridiculous companies who can monopolize energy distribution to everyone in the country. If I ever get the opportunity to stop handing hundreds of dollars over to utility companies each week I will jump for joy.heating and air