It’s freezing in here

One of my favorite things to eat is ice cream. I will admit that I don’t eat it anymore because after a certain age and weight, it is important to start being more careful about sugar intake. Plus, diabetes runs within my family. I am the only one who lacks it, and I am also the youngest. I am hoping that I will avoid it if possible. That being said, about every 8 weeks, I will go to the ice cream parlor to buy a cone. Last time I actually went, I got quite the surprise because of what the shop owner said. He said that he was thinking to sell the business, so I agreed to invest in it! And buy it, I did! So now, I own an ice cream shop. It has been wonderful, but the only thing I have felt I needed to do was upgrade the HVAC and refrigeration. The HVAC system with the shop was archaic. I thought the utility bills were so high, so I decided to buy new heating and cooling units. After looking at about a million options, I chose the best option: ductless mini split air conditioner. There’s no ductwork to have to replace at any time, and the air conditioning unit itself is hung high up on the wall. No one really notices that air conditioner up there! It came white, but I painted it a bright green to go with the theme of the store. Also, the HVAC company surely helped me improve the refrigeration in the store. This, in turn, has prompted me to master ready-to-go ice cream treats, together with displaying them in refrigerated displays.

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Quality HVAC power

I’m a huge fan of saving the environment… and I definitely like when it does not hurt my wallet. In my relationship with my husband, who tends to manage his money a lot differently than I do, I am the penny pincher. While I’m really conscious of every dollar I spend, he seems to be okay with spending small amounts every day and ignoring the consequences of adding all those tiny sums together. That’s why I’m the one who is so sad about our spending on utility bills. While my husband can overlook the charges we pay each month, I realize that added together it is a huge chunk of income. I’m interested in reducing our energy expenditure, and I found a novel way to lower our HVAC energy burden by switching to a less conventional manner of powering our air conditioner and heating units. There have been alternate energy sources available for a number of years now, however, they were inadequate for normal citizens to utilize alongside their home’s HVAC system. As time went on, however, it became possible to not only have solar panels powering your central heating and cooling units, but also windmills, which have become commercially available. There is a local corporation producing this exact item with the intention of powering more private heating, ventilation, and A/C systems. Naturally, I have been in contact with them already and apparently one of their systems will pay for itself in a matter of 2 years. I cannot wait to lower our heating and air conditioning bills, plus, the windmill will be so pretty.

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I know we need better indoor comfort

I work in a big, beautiful brick building downtown. I have a home in the capital city, so there are a few businesses here that are associated with the government. We are in the middle of it, and I can see the state capitol dome from my windows. Just about every office inside this building has a nice view of the city. However, what those windows tend not to do is open. Therefore, the heating and cooling is consistently on, depending, of course, on the time of year. But that does not mean that heating and cooling system might keep everyone comfortably warm or cool. It all depends on the specific office you work in. My office is always too warm, and I am forever aiming to turn down the thermostat relating to the a/c. Right next to us, the office is usually frosty, and the poor woman that works in there is always bundled up in layers. I think she has two air vents despite the fact that her office is smaller as compared to mine, and I only have one air vent. Unfortunately, the same thermostat controls my office in addition to hers, so when I adjust the thermostat, she just gets colder. Recently, our administrator got new flooring and a new refrigerator. What this office seriously needs is an HVAC renovation, not these unnecessary items. The woman across the hall from me is always cold, too, and she permanently closed her air vents. I tried to convince the other girl who is usually cold to also close one of her air vents, but the girl says that just makes her office seem stuffy and damp. I really don’t know the extent of the issues, but I hope that they address everyone’s a/c concerns soon.

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Climate control arguements

I’m an incredibly lucky woman & I’ll tell you why. I’m a fairly large human being, tipping the scales at 331 lbs. I prefer to be left alone, generally speaking. I’ve consistently figured that I would end up alone because of my morbid obesity and ultra selfish nature… However, I managed to find the most charming person somehow, & we’re good together in every way. We get along perfectly and have minimal disagreements. There’s only one area where the two of us can never see eye to eye and continually bicker about. Our preferences for the house’s temperature settings are completely opposite. You see, I’m consistently hot due to my obesity and I need the house to be at a cold temperature in order to be comfortable and watch TV. I prefer the temperature to be set around 65 degrees, or even lower if possible. He is the total opposite, & wants to use the air conditioning only to keep the moisture out during the daytime so that he can get big projects done and stay cool at the same time. We are both constantly running to the thermostat when the other person is distracted to make modifications to the temperature for our own needs. At night the story is no different; I want the temp to be low so that I can sleep soundly, all wrapped up in blankets & cozy in bed. However, he’d rather have warmer temperatures to sleep with just a sheet. We bicker every night before bed, as the two of us both clammer for the temperature controls. There is constant compromise over the air conditioner but I am still happy.

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I just want to stay safe

Sometimes it feels like I shouldn’t try to go outside of my comfort zone, because I’m punished when I really do. For instance, when I go out on a limb to attempt to help a friend, it tends to backfire and I usually am completely screwed over each time. It feels like the world is against me whenever I try to do something nice, but maybe I’m just much too sensitive. I ended up throwing a big party in addition to instantly regretting it when my HVAC system completely broke down on a very hot day. I don’t normally enjoy party planning due to the pressure to please everyone at once, but I decided we could use an end of summer bash before it was too late. It was an especially hot day, and I had the air conditioning cranked cranked to the max while I was cleaning my home in preparation for our company. It seemed like I couldn’t manage to keep the house cold enough, simply because the heat outside was so devastating. Everyone began to arrive and we were having some pretty good times, gathering in the coldest areas of my place and enjoying the AC that flowed in. Suddenly, the temperature started to climb quickly, and it seemed to be entirely unrelated to the new guests arriving. The thermostat has been showing a steady climb in temperatures, and the air conditioning unit wasn’t running anymore. My house was almost 100 degrees inside and the guests weren’t feeling well. My get together ended early, with all our sweaty friends fleeing to the safety of their own home air conditioning.

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Need some HVAC support

My loving grandparents have always been very supportive of me when I was growing up. They helped my parents a  lot by driving me to soccer practice and back and forth to school. When it was time for me to finally go to college, they helped me out by getting me into my very first apartment. The apartment wasn’t anything special, but it was a place of my own. It was very basic and needed plenty of work. When I have moved in, I kept experiencing a lot of difficulties with my heating and cooling system. I had to call the HVAC mechanic everyday to try and have him fix my system. It was starting to look like an impossible situation, and when I told my grandfather all about this particular problem, he drove over to check the HVAC unit himself. He’s an incredibly handy person, and he was able to have my HVAC system fixed within a few hours. Without him, I would have never of got my cooling system working again. I really needed to be focusing on my schoolwork instead of an issue such as that. My grandparents were really concerned about how well I was doing, and I was lucky they were always there for me. I’d such a great support system while attending my college that I was very successful. I didn’t have to work full-time, so I was able to focus a great deal on studying and writing papers. As I graduated, I had an extremely high GPA, and I got accepted into a nice graduate program. I do not think people entirely realize how the people around them really influence your success. I think everyone should put more thought into these kind of things.

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Public transportation

I really try and do my part to help battle the climate change that’s destined to ruin our world. I’m all about recycling and reducing my energy usage that can help in the larger effort. I enjoy walking every chance I am able to, and often skip taking my car around if doable. I am always taking short showers, and I cut my plastic so that the poor animals out there don’t get trapped. In short, I try to be a very active participant in saving planet earth, in the small ways that I can contribute. There is one area, however, that I am truly no fan of. I hate general public transportation, and it’s almost entirely a result of the poor heating and cooling that’s available onboard. You see, I have terrible memories of riding the coach in sweltering heat, and finding that there was absolutely no ventilation throughout the vehicle. Despite this deficiency of ventilation, there would be zero semblance of air conditioning, either. What this leads to was hot, muggy, and smelly rides to and from the grocery store. It’s quite challenging to lug bags of groceries around especially when you cannot breathe and the bus is over 90 degrees inside. I remember asking the bus driver exactly why the bus had such poor A/C, and he muttered something regarding the city budget not taking AC under consideration. I have no idea if this was the truth, or if he was only a sadist, but either way I was left with a very bad taste inside of my mouth.

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A couple of months and then HVAC tune up

A couple of weeks ago I had an HVAC technician show up to my house to perform a routine inspection on my A/C system. I wasn’t having any issues with it, but I wanted to make sure that everything was tip top shape so that I didn’t need to deal with any unexpected surprises during the summer season. It gets very scorching hot where I live, and if I had to go even 2 or 3 days without an air conditioner, I would really be suffering. This happened to me several summers ago, and I hoped I would learn something from that terrible experience. I came home one day from work to find that will my A/C system had broke down, and the HVAC company was so backed up with repair calls, that they weren’t able to come out for a week. I ended up staying with a friend so that I could escape the terrible heat and sleep on their couch. The entire experience was a massive inconvenience, and I vowed never to let it happen again. These days, I have an HVAC technician come out every six months in order to make sure everything is okay. If a product is off, he or she has the ability to help me pinpoint the issue before it becomes serious. I know a lot of people do not desire these visits because they don’t want to spend any money unless they absolutely have to, but I recommend that most people have this done. It has definitely helped me to avoid any major repairs, and I plan on doing this so long as I am a homeowner.

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Need HVAC filters changed

The first thing I do every single morning when I wake up is brew some coffee. I require the caffeine before I start the day, so I try to get everything started as quickly as possible. Right after all of this, I always adjust the temps on my thermostat. I can’t sleep at night unless there is cool fresh air blowing on me, so I leave the A/C going at a nice cool temperature during the night time. When I wake up, I tend to be freezing, so I turn the heat on for a while until I feel comfortable all over again. My heating and cooling system really determines how comfortable I am all of the time, and I do my absolute to take good care of it. I change my air filters on a regular basis because I recognize that if I didn’t do that I would have to handle excess dust and dirt moving through my system and home. I didn’t realize how important doing all these things were when I first moved into the house, and I learned the hard way that changing the air filters is something that really needs to be prioritized. When an HVAC mechanic arrived on the scene to work on my system on this one occasion, he recommended that I also have my ductwork cleaned out each alternate year. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these spaces often, so it’s important to make certain they have a regular maintenance. I never realized that there is so much work involved with maintaining a HVAC unit, but I am definitely willing to undertake it because I don’t want to have to deal with costly repairs or even a replacement before the cooling system has lived its full lifespan.

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AC for the flowers

I’ve been a floral designer going upon 17 years. My career within this field began while I was still in twelfth grade. It had started as merely a part time job to earn some more money, but I fell in love with this work! Working while surrounded by the smell of tropical flowers all day long was amazingly stress relieving. The pay wasn’t so bad either! We experienced quite the event last week though when our HVAC system completely stopped working on us. When we arrived to our place of work last tuesday, we discovered that every last one of our flowers were completely wilted! The air conditioner, cooler, and every other piece of electrical equipment had stopped working within the night. It was completely terrible! We lost a great deal business that day. My boss quickly called an electrician and additionally an HVAC technician. We needed to fix this A/C issue right away. The HVAC technician came along first, which worked out OK. It turned out that the compressor to the cooling system had blown, which caused our electrical circuits to go completely haywire. Our HVAC system was the chief culprit of all the issues. It was a very occupied day, to say the very least. The HVAC technician went straight to work repairing the compressor to the cooling system, while the domestic electrical engineer repaired the circuit board. Subsequently, my boss was frantically calling all of our customers for the day and re routing their orders to other nearby florists. This was a complete HVAC system nightmare all around! At least we were able to fix the cooling system fairly fast.

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