Using heated floor repairs

This month I’ve spent more hours in home repair stores than any other time in my life, I can remember. I can’t declare when I have frequented the lumber, water system, and hardware sections of major home stores just like Lowes and Home Depot until some ages ago. In preparation for a major life move with my husband, we started scoping out the cheapest options for our housing needs, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the interior options which exist for modern homes today. For instance, I now know about radiant floor heating, and I can’t wait to set up it throughout our new house. My entire life I’ve just experienced traditional furnaces and fireplaces as reasons for heating our home, and I thought that worked quite effectively to maintain a house’s heat even during subarctic winters. I had zero idea, however, that there was one way to heat your house through these type of floorboards! It turns out that you have flooring tiles, usually laminates, including heated wires inside as well. You install the floors in whatever rooms you need, and can adjust the temperature with incredible efficiency and accuracy by a programmed thermostat, just as you normally would. The digital temperature control comes with setting very specific temperatures along with the utmost control for your budget. There is also less energy involved if you aren’t transporting hot air from a central location to satellite positions throughout your entire home. I can’t wait until we could eventually tackle another project in addition to this install of radiant heated flooring solar panels into our kitchen, dining location, and both bathrooms; thank god for frequenting home repair stores to provide options!

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Hoping to get a new heating system

I produce a  pretty decent living at my current position. I am in a salaried job and the compensation is quite fair, considering I only have a Bachelor’s degree in my field, which isn’t the most lucrative degree to finish off your education with. I stay quite frugal most of the time, and have some in savings, but I’m always focussed about making enough cash to cover the charges of living, which seem to become ever-increasing now. Every time I feel that I have enough savings, life throws me a curveball and my savings are depleted. That’s why I refused to throw my most recent charges on credit cards, and instead I decided to purchase my new HVAC system outright. I had been dealing with an unreliable air conditioning system for the past several months; it failed in the hottest and coldest days of the year, with the AC and furnace requiring immediate repair on those times, respectively. However, now I was fit to live with the unpredictable temperature control thanks to necessity and choice, and continued pretending everything would eventually filter out with the HVAC situation. I actually was so wrong. Eventually it got so expensive to attach that I had no choice but to replace the entire air conditioning for my house. The quotes were  way too high to do a charge card and forget about it, so I started frequenting the internet job boards for additional positions. I landed myself a second awesome job, and have been working feverishly to save up enough money for a new HVAC setup for my home. The sweltering heat is perfect motivation to accomplish my mission!

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Hoping to be a HVAC contractor

Our high school recently started a new work program for the seniors.  We live in a predominately farm area, and most of the students can’t afford to go on to higher education.  The school has set up an internship that work on the same premise as a job fair.  The kids can interview the different business owners and see if they are interested in their work.  If they like what they see, the businesses interview the students and see if they are what they are looking for.  I was interested in the HVAC company that showed up last week.  They gave a really good demonstration to our class.  He said that the ones they selected would have the ability to shadow one of their top HVAC technicians, for about two weeks.  They would learn various parts of the job, and after two weeks, they would be given the opportunity to do a job on their own.  I liked that it was only for a trial period and I would soon be able to take care of the air filters by myself.  My getting into the program was easy, but explaining it to my parents, was going to be tough.  I was a straight A student, and they thought I would be the first one in the family to go to college.  I sat them down that evening, and I slowly explained the process.  Neither mom nor dad said anything.  I finished with my recitation and take hugged me, and smiled.  He said okay as mom hugged me.  They were pleased with my eloquence and they understood where I was coming from.  I am soon to be in the HVAC internship program.

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HVAC airbnb

We bought a beach house and put it on the Airbnb.  It has become a really popular site for people who are looking to escape from their boring lives.  We have a lovely home that has furnishings, and we even put in linen.  After discussing it, we decided that we wanted to also put in a heating and air conditioning system.  Most of the beach houses on Airbnb don’t have heating or air conditioning.  They offer to rent, for an additional cost, air conditioners, heaters, and fans.  We have opted to require a deposit on any damages to the property or the air conditioning system.  As I said, we thought it was better to charge a little more for the air conditioning and heating, than to worry about renting extras.  Most of our renters are really glad to pay the extra for a good air conditioning system.  There are those that take advantage of the HVAC.  The annual summer clean up takes a lot of time.  We do all of our own HVAC repairs and we do all of the regular maintenance.  It isn’t really that hard to change an air filter, or to clean an air vents.  It isn’t often, but we do get those rude people who will leave a mess, or abuses the HVAC system and then we have to clear the clogged air vents, and clean the system.  We sometimes change the air filters in between tenants.  It is those that make the Airbnb association not so much fun.  I still think that putting in the HVAC was a better choice for us.

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The ductwork has fur in it

The animals in my house aren’t just pets, they are apart of the family.  They also provide about ninety percent of the entertainment in our house.  My husband isn’t as entertained as I am, and he is always grumbling about them.  Our cat is forever chasing our dog around.  He’s a large mutt that is as big as a small pony.  Our little siamese cat can scare the life out of him.  The only time the dog isn’t frightened is when he hears the air conditioner click on.  He knows the cat likes the feel of the air conditioning blowing on him and he’ll run for the air conditioning floor vent and sprawl across it.  He takes up the entire surface, and our Simon will hiss and raise his back at him when he can’t get there.  My husband made a snide comment about how his air conditioning was costing more than twice what it should because of this ridiculous behavior that I allow.  Last week, I got home from work, and my house was really hot.  I checked the thermostat and it was set perfectly.  I tried to lower it, but nothing happened, so I called the HVAC service center.  Apparently the pet hair isn’t good for the air conditioning unit.  The filters were clogged shut.  There was pet inside the air conditioner and it was so thick that it had stopped the fans from turning.  The HVAC tech, thought we may have to replace the motor because of all the hair.  After cleaning it really well, he said it was going to be all right, but I need to get my animals to obedience school.

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The church cooling

You have no idea how difficult it is to get a good attendance at church, nowadays.  Few people truly believe in organized religion and most people have their own way of worshipping.  The church no longer has any hold over their parishioners.  People no longer need to come to church.  There is no need for organized gathering so people can get together.  The onset of cars have made that a possibility for everyday meeting.  Our church has a major problem with our HVAC system and that makes it even more difficult to get our parishioners in the doors.  It is really difficult to sit in a church when the preaching drags on, and you are having a hard time keeping from freezing.  I asked the minister if I could call the HVAC company we got our HVAC system from he said that we couldn’t afford it.  After I showed him the maintenance agreement that went with the new HVAC, and the fact that all maintenance service was free, he readily agreed for me to make an appointment.  When the service tech arrived, I had to laugh.  I hadn’t realized that one of our own parishioners was a HVAC technician, let alone that he worked for the same HVAC company as we had bought our HVAC system from.  He said it was about time we called because he had noticed the change.  He found a lot of blockages in the air vent, and the air filters needed to be changed.  He then made out a work order and circled the zero dollar due in the charge section.

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HVAC scam almost got me

I’m new to my neighborhood and still trying to figure out the local culture. So far I’ve only briefly met a few neighbors and they seem nice enough, but I don’t really know who they are or what to expect from them. I’m also not familiar with the dangers that reside in this area, for instance, if there are door to door scammers who drop by or not; I’m starting to suspect that yes, there are plenty of them. Just last week I had three different individuals stop by to inquire about my HVAC usage. I thought it was strange when the first person knocked on my door and asked to see my latest energy bill. I told her no, I wasn’t interested, and she then asked to see my furnace instead. She insisted that there were new energy efficient models out there and she could do a simple inspection to tell me what my other heating options were. I asked to see her credentials as an HVAC dealer or heating and cooling specialist, but she wasn’t able to provide me with any answers, so I turned her away. Over the next three days I had two additional salesmen stop by, also inquiring about my heating and cooling system. I denied every one of them from accessing my home, and it turns out that I did the right thing because there were a string of robberies all around the neighborhood the very next week. The victims all reported talking to some mysterious HVAC professionals shortly before the break ins.

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Romantic night was ruined by furnace

My husband and I rarely get to take a ton of time for ourselves these days. We’re setting up a new home, he’s starting a bunch of new lecturing jobs, and we still have the kids to worry about. That’s why it was so special when we tried to set aside a night for a romantic evening for just the two of us, little did we know it was going to be sabotaged by our old HVAC system. We had it all planned out; the kids were going to stay with a friend, the dog was taken care of and resting in his room, and we had the house spick and span to cook a gourmet meal. Then out of nowhere it started feeling really chilly all around the house. I checked the temperature control settings, but they were exactly as we had programmed them. Somehow the actual temperature was well below the set point, and it continued to decline as we cooked. For a while the heat of the kitchen masked the falling indoor air temperature, but when we sat down to eat it was freezing cold. We interrupted dinner to go tinker with the heater, but the furnace simply wasn’t turning on. By the time we returned to the table our meal was cold and so were we. We set up a bunch of space heaters and wrapped ourselves in blankets, which really decreased the romantic mood. Eventually our night ended by making an emergency call to the HVAC company; not really the big finale that we expected.


Air ducts.

After what seems like forever, my best friend and I are finally entering into the greatest time of our lives. Upon graduating from college, my best friend and I decided to “tie the knot” and officially become domestic partners. In light of that decision, we resolved to move out of our apartment and into a “brand new” home we could call own. Before we gals got good and settled in though, we desired to get all of our air ducts completely sanitized. Although neither of us knew the area that well, my partner took the lead on ensuring our vision was put into action since she actually had some experience scheduling such cleanings. Far from wowing me, however, she actually resorted to the local Money Pages magazine for ads on what we hoped were reputable cleaning companies. In the end, the business we decided to go with was “Duct Dynasty,” an organization touted as one that specializes in all matters pertaining to air ducts, whether HVAC-related or not. Initially excited about being one step closer to getting our home squared away like we wanted, that feeling eventually wore off when the cleaning team failed to show up during our originally scheduled time. What’s more, our patience grew even thinner when the team showed up several hours late on the rescheduled date. Finally, to top things off, within 24 hours of the job being reportedly done to standard, my partner and I got seriously ill. To rectify the situation, Dynasty came back out and redid the entire job, agreeing to give us a $100 credit for all the hassle we endured. It was at that point that we started to reason that such a willing approach to resolve our situation must be how a company like that stays in business.

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Air handler.

My name is Evelyn, and my husband, Wilbur, and I have finally reached our Golden Years. We’ve been through a lot throughout our lives, but every experience has ultimately proven to be a blessing. Our 10 children are a prime example of that! Over the years, our kids have been an unquestionable source of pride and joy for Wilbur and I. In addition to watching them mature into the men and women they’ve become first hand, we’ve also enjoyed them being our burden lifters when it came to doing chores and even playing “Mr. or Miss Fix It” around the house. The tenure of that privilege recently came to an end, however, as our last baby just graduated from high school and moved out. That said, being the sweethearts that they all are, our kids still look after us by offering what they believe to be sound advice from time to time. For the last couple of years–and especially as of late–their focus has been on encouraging my husband and I to upgrade our HVAC system, which features “Mr. Rusty,” our tried and true air handler unit (AHU). Seeing no reason to change things up, we simply let it be. Besides, if our AHU wasn’t broke, why fix or replace it? Be that as it was, one day when Wilbur went out to do his early morning checks of the property, he found that our air handler was seriously damaged. Not having noticed anything wrong during his inspection the evening prior, he deduced that the damage had to have happened late at night. With summer now gearing up and us being in dire need of cool, refreshing air, we called up one of our boys, who happened to be an HVAC specialist in town, to come over and fix it.

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