The cooling system will not turn on

Something is wrong with my cooling system. I have lately been experiencing difficulty with the thermostat. The thermostat on my air conditioner cannot be set lower than seventy two degrees. I love my air conditioner and I am especially reliant on it to sleep at night. Lately the air conditioner has not been doing its job. That won’t cool my bedroom. My organization is wondering if at night when i alter the temperature if I all messed up the device. I wonder if i set it at a process to only cool to 80 two degrees. It used to allow me to make my bedroom as cold as i wanted it to be. Now I am able to only set the temperature which means low. It stinks having zero temperature control. I think what I have to do is call a HVAC technician to consider the thermostat. Or perhaps a cheaper option is usually to look up online and see if anybody else has been experiencing these issues. I should have hit a wrong button or my machine is dirty. It must be a quick and not costly fix. Maybe my air conditioner is usually old and going senile. Maybe it is not aware that it can cool down to less than seventy two degrees. Whatever the issue is, I need to have it fixed right away. I am sweating to death at night as a result of my A/C unit. I need it back to controlling my environment so I can have an easy night of sleep. I should get on that today.

wireless thermostat

The pool heating system

I have always been a big time swimmer. I first fell in love with swimming when I was at my grandparent’s pool. They had a great pool with a diving board and a big pink slide. I loved swimming laps and jumping from the board. I then immediately knew I wanted to start swimming. I swam all throughout high school and even got a scholarship to college for it. I swam for the team for four years in college until I graduated. When I began looking for homes, I was also searching for a pool. I wanted to have my own inground pool put in. I had so many requirements  though that I actually needed to put it indoors. I desired to use the pool year around, have it heated and regulate the size. Getting the pool into my home and built was not an issue. The problem I faced for a short time was properly heating in. After choosing a home and spending so much on my pool, a heating system for it was going to be extra money. I started researching online to see if there was anyway I could actually cut a few corners relating to the cost. This is how I heard bout boiler systems. My home uses a boiler to heat it. I found out the boiler can be hooked up to heat my own inground pool! I did not need to buy a separate heating service, I just used the one already in my home. I was so thrilled I did not need to purchase anything else. The boiler heats my house, my home’s water and finally my perfect swimming pool.

boiler service

Using a/c and TV

        As a young man, I was what they call a traveling man; A guy who moves- not quite a drifter but not an exemplary  citizen either. From the ages of between twelve and thirty (I never much cared for remembering dates and numbers) I lived a life mostly on the road, moving from town to town and never sticking around any longer than I had to. Eventually though, I realized that maybe I should find an easier life.

         I got a task, a wife, and a place to live in quick time, and now I live quite well; During the days I work for a local Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade and repair company, and at night I relax at home, enjoying all the tv and movies I missed during the first part of my life. I need to mention that a traveling person learns to pick things up on the fly. I had never repaired an air conditioner or oil furnace before starting this job. I had to fake it at first, but by watching the other Heating and Air Conditioning technicians, I learned enough to handle most repair calls.

          Occasionally at night I mess around with my control equipment and central A/C equipment at home, to try to learn a few things! But not much, because I don’t want to risk wrecking it, and having to call in my own Heating and Air Conditioning company to fix something I should be able to do myself. I don’t really like the job, however, I appreciate the luxuries like A/C and cable that it provides me!

cooling installation

The sporting events and heating/air

         As a young man, I used to care about athletic activities. I used to play baseball, swim, plus I even did track and field. Of all these athletic activities, swimming was my number one. I found serenity being in the pool and because it was indoors, I managed to practice and get my workout done in an air conditioned area.

         In university, I participated in state competitions, and I consistently perform well. I wasn’t quite as fantastic at baseball or track, but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that these were both outdoor sports. I have never been a large fan of exercising outside in sunlight, and this would consistently slow me down. I did like staying active,but I much prefer being in an area that has climate-control, while doing it. If baseball could have been played inside where there is an HVAC system, I absolutely would have been much better at it. Oh well…

          Till now, I continue to swim as a way of staying in shape. It’s a lifelong athletic activity that I am happy. I picked up early on. I do all my swimming at a local gym because the pool there is in an air-conditioned space. I guess some things will never change. Were it not for HVAC systems, I would sickly, overweight, and I would not be quite as active as I am now. For this reason, it is worth the fees I pay for my gym membership. I want to stay fit into my declining years.

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Smart thermostat balance

Budgets are just my worst enemy. I have never been able to stay on any kind of financial budget no matter how much I try. My husband likes to call me an impulse shopper. When things just jump out on me, I can’t help myself. Just the other afternoon at the grocery store I completely ignored my shopping list. I know I have to have one in order to not splurge. Unfortunately, I saw amazing sales on unusual fresh foods my mind went wild with these amazing dishes! My mind went wild with these meal ideas, and I forgot about my budget. Well, recently, when the HVAC serviceman was at the house doing his regular servicing of our air filters, my partner broached our financial problems. He spoke about how our utility costs are skyrocketing this year with crazy change in seasons. Our family is using the heating as well as the a/c more than ever right now. But worse, our family keeps forgetting when we turn it on as well. The change in weather is relentless with climate change upon us. This is where most of our budget is going right now. One person will turn on the a/c or the heating without telling anyone, then leave the house with it running! He proposed  a quick install of the Smart App in our control component as well as onto our phones. This our family can monitor the HVAC plan from our phones as well as get alerts about it! This sounded like an amazing solution!

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Heating and cooling at day care

I am a child care center investigator; It is a entirely substantial job. I travel from town to town doing surprise inspections on independent schools, daycares and child care centers. The welfare of children under my watch is absolute priority. There are entirely  particular requirements of anyone who wishes to start their own day care facility. Maintaining the code for cleanliness and well being is essential to children’s safety. On one particular day last month I went into a new and modern facility in the inner town slums. I have to be honest, I was expecting the worst, and after all, the area in itself spoke volumes… Well, I was pleasantly surprised on such levels I never dreamed. It was a starter daycare opened by financial donors, who obviously had a lot of expendable currency. I soon found out that every thing in the building and classrooms was absolutely state of the art. The children and families had never seen anything to this calibur. I presume going home every day was almost a shock after experiencing such luxuries. I guess my favorite aspect was their entirely modern HVAC system. I had never seen such technology before that day. Inside the thermostat they had an app called Zone Control. This allowed for the lecturers or administration to change the temperature accordingly to the room, activity and amount of people in each area from cooling to heating. It was such an awesome way to save currency on heating and cooling costs, which can reach such ludicrous costs at times. I asked how they monitor the inconsistent hot and cold temperatures best and they showed myself and others the Smart App also installed on both the thermostat and the faculty’s cell phones. They could change each individual area’s temperature and monitor energy efficiency directly from their phones. It was a fascinating concept.

smart thermostat

The problems with the a/c

I’ve lived in the South most of my adult life, so you’d assume I would be used to the heat by now when Summertime hits.  Nope!  After over almost 40 years, I still have trouble dealing with the heatwaves, leading myself and others to guess I might be a Northerner at heart. After I bought my new home a few years ago, I had an heating and A/C professional survey and assess the home to see if there were any other ways that I could keep the place cool for the Summer.  Most of his suggestions called for replacements of modern, energy efficient equipment, which I just wasn’t ready to do.. After hearing his suggestions, I figured I’d do some research on parts I could buy and install myself that wouldn’t hurt my bank account.  Several videos on Utube kept showing 2 consistent tips. First, I needed white blinds or lightly-colored drapes on the east and west windows of my house. Since these sides of the home get the most exposure from direct sunlight, the light-colored curtains would reflect the sun & heat back outside, rather than letting it into my house. I have painted my house before so I was happy to do my own painting choosing a lighter color that would make a large difference for the same reason as the blinds – reflection of heat away from the house. It made a lot of sense  Since I had dark-blue drapes on my windows & the home itself was painted a extremely dark purple. I was happy to have the option to paint the entire home a pastel yellow. After doing that & replacing the blinds, I have noticed that my home is noticeably cooler in the afternoons… Goes to show you that you don’t typically need a overpriced modern heating and A/C system to keep your home cool!

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Our garage heater device

A few years ago, I obtained this abandoned auto-garage with the intentions of converting it into a gym. I had seen countless videos over the years of the most famous bodybuilders and athletes who at some point had owned their own gym – even if it was just a garage at first. I was dedicated to pursuing my dreams of being a professional bodybuilder.  All I needed was a  job to provide me unlimited time for exercise, even when I was working. After buying the property, I started investing in weight sets and benches, so I could have the critical tools to operate the gym. It took a few months to get enough gym memberships to keep the location running, but it wasn’t all without sacrifice – I sold much of my furniture and possessions, left my house and lived out of the office in the garage. I slept on the uncomfortable pull-out bed in the office. and cooked most of my meals on a tiny grill outside. None of it was straight-forward, but the hardest part was trying to sleep in a garage without climate controlsl. I invested in a used space furnace to keep me warm at night, but it stopped completely after a week… Gym members were complaining about having to work out in the chilly place too, so I made a decision to invest in a new heating system for the garage space rather than buy a new squat rack. I found a ductless heat pump for a far lower price than I expected for fantastic heating, and after installing it the difference was amazing. It was much more comfortable indoors, and the members were cheerful to come and work out in a “tough guy” gym. It proved to save me money as well, since the members starting bringing guests with them that became members. I still live out of the office, but that’s just because I don’t see the point in buying a house just yet. I’m happy and have all I need for now, and that’s what it takes to be a champion!

heating set up

The bathroom HVAC units

Have you guys attended any outdoor events lately? I have never entirely been a fan of most outdoor events because there is no air conditioner. The events are consistently in the warm season, plus I live in a warm part of the country, where the majority of us entirely need air conditioner. So, outdoor events are just too hot for me to go to! Also, I consistently have to go to use the restroom while attending outdoor events, and that means using a port-a-potty. Those are just disgusting! I would rather stay at my house than do without air conditioner plus a great powder room! But then, just a few weeks ago, I had to attend an outdoor wedding. I was dreading it, because of the lack of air conditioning plus the outdoor restroom thing. That’s when I discovered that some actually thoughtful people legitimately had rented some entirely nice portable powder rooms that included portable air conditioner or heating, whichever is most appropriate. Have you seen these extravagant portable powder rooms with air conditioner? I think they are great because they solve many of the problems with outdoor events – air conditioner plus great powder rooms! The fancy restrooms not only had the air conditioner I was looking for, but there was also a seating area  with convenient mirrors for the ladies to do their lipstick. Also, there were granite countertops and relaxing playing. I am sure these powder rooms with luxury decorations with air conditioner plus heating are more fancy than those disgusting portable toilets the two of us are all common with, but they are worth it, and especially for nice occasions, you want your guests to have air conditioner plus heating when they use the restroom.

HVAC device

Cooling system and the laundry

I am very careful with my clothes . I do not think that I spend too much on each item of clothing, but when you see how many different types clothes I need, you have to believe that I invest a lot of money on my clothes, and for the most part, it is necessary. I have a professional job, so I have to look nice; then of course on weekends, I need lounge clothes so I don’t mess up my work wardrobe. This is why I need a house that has a nice laundry room with an nice air conditioning system, because generally, I spend a lot of time in that laundry room, so it needs to have some good air vents with an efficient air conditioning system helping to keep me cool while I take care of all of my clothes. Well, recently, something happened to the air duct in that room, and the laundry room was no longer getting air conditioning. It was so warm in there, so I decided to start using a local laundromat. I did not realize that the laundromat closest to me did not have air conditioning! I know they think it is a losing battle for the air conditioning system to try to beat out the heating caused by all those dryers going all day. I was so disappointed in the lack of air conditioning system! I made it out for two trips to do clothes, but after that I heard of a company that will wash, dry, fold, and hang up your clothes for you! If it gets me out of the room with no air conditioning system, I am all for it! Until the landlord gets the Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier out here to maintenance the air duct, I will be using that new laundry company.

a/c service plan