HVAC is a bit of a problem

Over the years, I have had several different apartments, and I’ve never really experienced any major problems.  This time is different.  I recently moved into the city and I’m finding it hard to swallow that I am paying premium prices for less than mediocre location.  I chose this apartment because it was convenient to my work area.  I was closer to my work, and I was able to get to school to finish my post grad work, and receive my doctorate.  I didn’t have to commute, and walking was the reasonable mode of transportation.  I made sure to do the pre-move in  paperwork and I notated the broken and damaged items.  The biggest concern I had was with the HVAC.  After a couple of weeks, I realized that the HVAC was less than acceptable.  This is nothing worse than coming home from a grueling day at work, or school, to find out that the comfortable sixty-eight degrees you had set on your thermostat, was now almost eighty.  If his reputation is correct, it is going to take a lot of cajoling to even get the landlord to check out the HVAC system, let alone repair it.  I need my air conditioning, and it won’t be long until I need the heating, also.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a fairly mild day, and going without the HVAC won’t be a real problem.  I’m thinking about calling up the landlord and asking him to come over tomorrow and take a look at the HVAC.  If he doesn’t, I’ll call the HVAC service center, and set up an appointment, myself.

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