More HVAC equipment

I consider myself to be a really good gift giver.  I try to find out what it is that someone needs, but can’t afford or won’t get for themselves.  I find some way to buy that for the person for their birthday or for Christmas.  My mother is one of the most important people I know.  She gives herself to everyone in need.  Last month, I noticed that her house was very uncomfortable, and I knew that she had never had a new HVAC system.  I made it a point to figure out how many of my siblings would be willing to help me put a new HVAC system into her house.  She wasn’t getting younger, and I wanted her to live the rest of her life in comfort, in the home she loved.  I called my boyfriend, who is a HVAC contractor, and I asked him if he would help me out.  He was more than happy to come to my mom’s house and measure for a new HVAC, and it was the perfect time to finally meet my mom.  I brought him over for the weekend, and as I expected, she gave him the guided tour.  We invited her to go to the city with us, and we would take her to the play she had been dying to see.  While we were in the play, my boyfriend arranged for his employees to go in and install a brand new state of the art HVAC system into mom’s home.  It was the best birthday present she had ever received.

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