I’m very worried about my heater

The house next door to mine had been vacant going on 6 years. It had become extremely decrepit over that period, and my wife and I were sure it could remain vacant forever. We were surprised when a landscaping crew came there one day and began cleaning up the yard. The house was, surprisingly, sold, and we were going to have new neighbors! We ended up being excited albeit very nervous. We wanted to throw a neighborhood “welcome” party for our new neighbors. We decided to have our HVAC system inspected before the big event, however. We got the idea once we saw our new neighbors having their heating and cooling system inspected. We realized that we hadn’t had our HVAC system looked at in about 4 years, so we wanted to have it checked before a bitter winter crept in. A broken furnace in this neck of the woods is certainly not pretty! So, we had several HVAC technicians come inspect our HVAC system, and it is rather lucky we did! We ended up needing a new furnace, which we promptly had installed. Money was not a problem for us, thankfully, so we could afford whatever HVAC system repairs were necessary. The welcome gathering went quite well! We told our new neighbors that they had inadvertently helped us catch a problem with our furnace, and they were ecstatic we did. Our new neighbors were pleasant. Thanks to them we caught a dangerous situation involving our heating and cooling system, and just in time too! I can’t imagine what it might have been like that winter without a furnace.

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