Want the cooling system fixed now

Until just the other day, I had always lived within apartments. While I resented paying every month and was often aggravated by the other tenants in the building, living in an apartment is quite easy. I was not responsible for household upkeep. The parking lot was always plowed and the sidewalks were nicely shoveled. I didn’t worry around changing HVAC filters, fixing slow or stopped up drains or resolving leaky faucets. If anything ever malfunctioned, I simply reported the issue and it was eventually solved. However, there were repairs that sometimes took a long time. Last July, when my air conditioner died suddenly, I immediately reported the challenge to the maintenance department for the apartment building. I was assured the HVAC contractor would be called at once. After two days with no air conditioning in the heat, I once again complained for the maintenance department. They promised that the same HVAC contractor was scheduled to handle the repairs that day. I eventually went without a working air conditioner for nearly four weeks. The outside temperature was consistently inside upper eighties, and the dampness was horrendous. My apartment was so overheated that i couldn’t sleep a wink at night, and was forced into taking three showers a day. I even propped the door to my apartment open, hoping to let in cool air from our hallway. That’s when I thought to start shopping for my very own house. Although handling the household upkeep can be a huge responsibility, I no longer need to wait patiently for someone else to solve issues.

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