Ever since interplanetary space travel has become a reality, I was always very skeptical. I never liked flying in airplanes, let alone in a space rocket. That just sounds like it must be the most dangerous thing we can do, putting ourselves on top of thousands of gallons of highly combustible fuel and then lighting the fuse… no thanks. Eventually though, my wife convinced me to get tickets for one of the planet hopping tours. We could afford it no problem and she had always been a space buff, so there was no excuse, I had to book it. To my surprise, I actually rather enjoyed the trip as a whole. It was obviously fascinating and exciting. My only complaint was the climate control failure on our visit of the fourth planet. You have to understand, that far from the sun, HVAC systems are extremely important. We actually almost perished because of the unfortunate heating issues they had. Luckily we brought our own electric blankets, which provide their own heating by little wires that run throughout. Without them, we may have met the same fate that the climate control lull brought upon other travelers. Aside from the extreme cold, the planet’s air quality is awful and must be filtered. I got a little sick from inhaling some raw space dust. HVAC systems are easily taken for granted here on the ground, as it is just a luxury and there are climate control repair services all around. So it is never really a matter of life and death. If they get the heating issues sorted out though, interplanetary travel can be quite the enjoyable adventure.

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