Taking it easy

Taking it easy can be hard to pull off sometimes. You need to really find peace in your day to do it. Some people try to act like taking it easy is their favorite hobby, when in reality they sit around all day with stress secretly bouncing around inside their heads. I have found that meditation helps to a certain degree. Still though, meditation requires a person to first have a quiet, comfortable spot to sit and relax. That in and of itself can be difficult nowadays. I am one of the lucky ones. I live alone in a giant house with several separate meditation rooms. They are technically guest rooms, but I don’t ever have guests. I just sit in the climate control comfort and explore the realm of taking it easy. The way I have things set up, my HVAC zone control is set up so that all four of my meditation rooms represent different seasons. The heating and cooling system then simulates outdoor conditions for said seasons. Along with the climate control equipment, it was essential to insulate the individual rooms very well. The heater in the summer room is always kicking out magnificent rays of warmth, whereas the air conditioner in the winter room cools everything to a chilly 45 degrees. Many wouldn’t find comfort in the air quality I establish in some of these rooms, but I feel as though it is a unity with nature that my HVAC system provides me with and that takes my meditation to the next level. With the right climate control, taking it easy is easy.

zoned HVAC