The air vents are installed in the ceiling

The new and modern thing is to install the air vents right in the ceiling. I am not a huge fan of this at all. In fact I really hate that the air vents are in the ceiling. Every where I want to be or sit or stand, I feel like I can actually feel all if the air blowing right onto me. I lay on the side of the bed that the air vent is on. Well when the air conditioning is on I can fully feel all of the cool air coming right out of the vent. I do not enjoy this at all. However we do not want to be blowing the air towards the wall. The air vent in the living room is also on the ceiling. I can always feel the air from that one too. Everyone picks their seats and I always seem to be last. I always get the seat that has the air conditioning blowing right on you. Honestly if I were always hot it might feel nice. However I am always cold and I hate the feeling of air conditioning blowing directly onto me. I wish we could go back to the days where the air vents are actually more towards the floor and the air blows out of them from down there. That way I wouldn’t always feel like the air is blowing right out and directly at me. Next time I might just start to turn the air conditioning off and see if anyone notices. I mean we will probably save a lot of electric that way too right?

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