Trapped in a hot car with noA/C

I am actually writing this on my laptop. I am in my car with my family, and we are going north because our whole city is being evacuated from an oncoming hurricane. It’s kind of a scary time. It’s also a very boring time. I am sitting in the middle of a traffic jam on the northbound lanes of the highway. We have been here for several hours, and I’m told it may take another ten or twelve hours before the traffic thins out. So I have plenty of time to write! What is making all of this even worse, if that’s possible, is the fact my car’s HVAC system is broken. And where we live, it gets up to the lower 90s almost every day, with humidity levels going over 100, so having an air conditioner is not a luxury, it’s a part of living life. Sitting here in this traffic, surrounded by hot engine, with the pavement heating up beneath us, the car is starting to feel like a furnace, but what choice do we have? We rolled down the windows for natural ventilation, but all that does is let in the exhaust fumes from semi trucks, there is no cooling sensation to it at all. If it gets any hotter I’m going to have to try and get one of the other cars to let my kids sit with them for a while just to cool off with some A/C. It’s bad enough we have this storm coming, but with no air conditioning it is pure torture!

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