Cooling system and the laundry

I am very careful with my clothes . I do not think that I spend too much on each item of clothing, but when you see how many different types clothes I need, you have to believe that I invest a lot of money on my clothes, and for the most part, it is necessary. I have a professional job, so I have to look nice; then of course on weekends, I need lounge clothes so I don’t mess up my work wardrobe. This is why I need a house that has a nice laundry room with an nice air conditioning system, because generally, I spend a lot of time in that laundry room, so it needs to have some good air vents with an efficient air conditioning system helping to keep me cool while I take care of all of my clothes. Well, recently, something happened to the air duct in that room, and the laundry room was no longer getting air conditioning. It was so warm in there, so I decided to start using a local laundromat. I did not realize that the laundromat closest to me did not have air conditioning! I know they think it is a losing battle for the air conditioning system to try to beat out the heating caused by all those dryers going all day. I was so disappointed in the lack of air conditioning system! I made it out for two trips to do clothes, but after that I heard of a company that will wash, dry, fold, and hang up your clothes for you! If it gets me out of the room with no air conditioning system, I am all for it! Until the landlord gets the Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier out here to maintenance the air duct, I will be using that new laundry company.

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