Smart thermostat balance

Budgets are just my worst enemy. I have never been able to stay on any kind of financial budget no matter how much I try. My husband likes to call me an impulse shopper. When things just jump out on me, I can’t help myself. Just the other afternoon at the grocery store I completely ignored my shopping list. I know I have to have one in order to not splurge. Unfortunately, I saw amazing sales on unusual fresh foods my mind went wild with these amazing dishes! My mind went wild with these meal ideas, and I forgot about my budget. Well, recently, when the HVAC serviceman was at the house doing his regular servicing of our air filters, my partner broached our financial problems. He spoke about how our utility costs are skyrocketing this year with crazy change in seasons. Our family is using the heating as well as the a/c more than ever right now. But worse, our family keeps forgetting when we turn it on as well. The change in weather is relentless with climate change upon us. This is where most of our budget is going right now. One person will turn on the a/c or the heating without telling anyone, then leave the house with it running! He proposed  a quick install of the Smart App in our control component as well as onto our phones. This our family can monitor the HVAC plan from our phones as well as get alerts about it! This sounded like an amazing solution!

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