The bathroom HVAC units

Have you guys attended any outdoor events lately? I have never entirely been a fan of most outdoor events because there is no air conditioner. The events are consistently in the warm season, plus I live in a warm part of the country, where the majority of us entirely need air conditioner. So, outdoor events are just too hot for me to go to! Also, I consistently have to go to use the restroom while attending outdoor events, and that means using a port-a-potty. Those are just disgusting! I would rather stay at my house than do without air conditioner plus a great powder room! But then, just a few weeks ago, I had to attend an outdoor wedding. I was dreading it, because of the lack of air conditioning plus the outdoor restroom thing. That’s when I discovered that some actually thoughtful people legitimately had rented some entirely nice portable powder rooms that included portable air conditioner or heating, whichever is most appropriate. Have you seen these extravagant portable powder rooms with air conditioner? I think they are great because they solve many of the problems with outdoor events – air conditioner plus great powder rooms! The fancy restrooms not only had the air conditioner I was looking for, but there was also a seating area  with convenient mirrors for the ladies to do their lipstick. Also, there were granite countertops and relaxing playing. I am sure these powder rooms with luxury decorations with air conditioner plus heating are more fancy than those disgusting portable toilets the two of us are all common with, but they are worth it, and especially for nice occasions, you want your guests to have air conditioner plus heating when they use the restroom.

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