The problems with the a/c

I’ve lived in the South most of my adult life, so you’d assume I would be used to the heat by now when Summertime hits.  Nope!  After over almost 40 years, I still have trouble dealing with the heatwaves, leading myself and others to guess I might be a Northerner at heart. After I bought my new home a few years ago, I had an heating and A/C professional survey and assess the home to see if there were any other ways that I could keep the place cool for the Summer.  Most of his suggestions called for replacements of modern, energy efficient equipment, which I just wasn’t ready to do.. After hearing his suggestions, I figured I’d do some research on parts I could buy and install myself that wouldn’t hurt my bank account.  Several videos on Utube kept showing 2 consistent tips. First, I needed white blinds or lightly-colored drapes on the east and west windows of my house. Since these sides of the home get the most exposure from direct sunlight, the light-colored curtains would reflect the sun & heat back outside, rather than letting it into my house. I have painted my house before so I was happy to do my own painting choosing a lighter color that would make a large difference for the same reason as the blinds – reflection of heat away from the house. It made a lot of sense  Since I had dark-blue drapes on my windows & the home itself was painted a extremely dark purple. I was happy to have the option to paint the entire home a pastel yellow. After doing that & replacing the blinds, I have noticed that my home is noticeably cooler in the afternoons… Goes to show you that you don’t typically need a overpriced modern heating and A/C system to keep your home cool!

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