The sporting events and heating/air

         As a young man, I used to care about athletic activities. I used to play baseball, swim, plus I even did track and field. Of all these athletic activities, swimming was my number one. I found serenity being in the pool and because it was indoors, I managed to practice and get my workout done in an air conditioned area.

         In university, I participated in state competitions, and I consistently perform well. I wasn’t quite as fantastic at baseball or track, but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that these were both outdoor sports. I have never been a large fan of exercising outside in sunlight, and this would consistently slow me down. I did like staying active,but I much prefer being in an area that has climate-control, while doing it. If baseball could have been played inside where there is an HVAC system, I absolutely would have been much better at it. Oh well…

          Till now, I continue to swim as a way of staying in shape. It’s a lifelong athletic activity that I am happy. I picked up early on. I do all my swimming at a local gym because the pool there is in an air-conditioned space. I guess some things will never change. Were it not for HVAC systems, I would sickly, overweight, and I would not be quite as active as I am now. For this reason, it is worth the fees I pay for my gym membership. I want to stay fit into my declining years.

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