Using a/c and TV

        As a young man, I was what they call a traveling man; A guy who moves- not quite a drifter but not an exemplary  citizen either. From the ages of between twelve and thirty (I never much cared for remembering dates and numbers) I lived a life mostly on the road, moving from town to town and never sticking around any longer than I had to. Eventually though, I realized that maybe I should find an easier life.

         I got a task, a wife, and a place to live in quick time, and now I live quite well; During the days I work for a local Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade and repair company, and at night I relax at home, enjoying all the tv and movies I missed during the first part of my life. I need to mention that a traveling person learns to pick things up on the fly. I had never repaired an air conditioner or oil furnace before starting this job. I had to fake it at first, but by watching the other Heating and Air Conditioning technicians, I learned enough to handle most repair calls.

          Occasionally at night I mess around with my control equipment and central A/C equipment at home, to try to learn a few things! But not much, because I don’t want to risk wrecking it, and having to call in my own Heating and Air Conditioning company to fix something I should be able to do myself. I don’t really like the job, however, I appreciate the luxuries like A/C and cable that it provides me!

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