The office cooling system

About a year ago, my husband, Dave  and I decided to build a small house from the ground up. We immediately knew what kind of air conditioning system we wanted to have. We discussed using window unit air conditioners but we found something far better. We wanted a permanently installed ductless mini split a/c.  These units are way more energy efficient, wonderfully quiet, and are more affordable to buy and operate. In the past, we  used a mini split air conditioner in our home office.  It easily handled the heat and humidity. It operated from a remote control and was programmable.  The unit required little upkeep. I loved how clean and quiet it was, because the ductless air conditioner was never a distraction to me. I know that a window unit air conditioner would be much louder.  A quiet, compact air conditioner is a priority for us in  our new home because space is limited and there will be no escaping the noise. Plus, the air provided by a ductless system is typically very   evenly dispersed. The mini split air conditioners feature powerful fans and are excellent for filtration and dehumidification purposes.  They use inverter technology to adapt speed, which provides superior comfort and energy efficiency.   Dave and I are nearly done with the construction phase of our new home.  I am confident that we’ll be be happy.  We are excited to have the ductless mini split installed and try it out.  I think it will perfectly suit our needs.  It should easily handle temperature control and help to trim down monthly costs.

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Getting good HVAC visits

Every fall, I hire a licensed HVAC specialist to come to the house and completed  a routine inspection of my heating unit. I pay a small service charge, but it’s cost-effective. I have enrolled in a maintenance program because I want to make sure the furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Once the outside temperatures drop below freezing, the  Heating system carries a heavy workload.  By troubleshooting for any potential issues before the start of winter, I hope to prevent the furnace from malfunctioning or quitting altogether. I invested in preventative maintenance several years ago.  We went through  the coldest month on record.  I came home from work one evening to find that the furnace had quit. I immediately contacted the HVAC company, but they were booked up, and wasn’t able to offer an appointment  for six days! As the snow fell and the temperatures dropped, I was trying to get by with nothing but a small space heater and some wool blankets. I came to miss the furnace more than ever! Space heaters are fine for a small room, but failed to make up for the lack of a whole-home  Heating unit.  When I finally got the  furnace repaired, I was determined to have an inspection performed every fall. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent any major malfunctions during the coldest season of the year. I will continue to follow this proactive strategy because there is no way I want to go without the heating system if I can  avoid it.

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The a/c ruined it all

My parents recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. I think anyone will agree that this is the very rare thing these days. I can barely name a lot of marriages that have survived several years, let alone seventy five! We decided that in their old age, we needed to throw them a real party. We knew this could be the last really beautiful memory that they share together. We thought we would take steps to do this at their beautiful assisted lifestyle facility where they have resided the past few years. Anything too complicated would mean no guests. We had all the facts down to the very points. We were so excited. We were glad to have air conditioning because it was so hot. The guests started to arrive when I noticed the temperature wasn’t even cold. I checked the thermostat and noticed it wasn’t showing a temperature. I immediately went to the front desk where people were panicking. They had already discovered the faulty air conditioning and were doing what they could to get the HVAC technicians down to the facility. At this point, only warm air was the sole thing coming out of the air vents. I was getting really worried for ones elderly folks needing the a / c as badly as they needed air! We saw the team of HVAC workers discover the problem and check out this system. It only took fifteen minutes to be able to get the air conditioning functioning, thankfully!

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The class has too much a/c

I finally became pregnant last Spring. My husband and I had been trying for years. We thought it was never going to come true. We wanted to ensure that we did everything right. We agreed to all of the appointments right away. We were very prepared about the foods I ate and what I drank. We were monitoring everything possible. So, when it came time with the birthing classes, we were ready. The classes were in the evening. Early Spring had just arrived and the weather was pretty warm, presently. You can imagine with a very large number of pregnant women in one room in your home, we had to have the air conditioning on. It was a fight to who could get closer to the air ports. I was severely hot constantly in my pregnancy and lived for air cooling. We complained to the teacher that her little studio wasn’t cold enough, so she turned the thermostat just a little bit. The second she did, most people heard a huge blast and then a loud crank. The air appearing out of the air vents was bitter cold, it felt like the arctic tundra! She tried to move the thermostat off, but not a thing was working. All of the partners were shaking with cold, whilst the pregnant women were in a/c bliss. It was the funniest element you ever did see! The girl stopped the birthing class to help call the HVAC technician. She told him it’s an emergency and needed to come immediately. The women shared with her it was ok to just continue on, while the men shivered bravely by their sides.

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The thermostat program

I have a lot on my plate right now, and trying to keep everything straight is a huge burden.Running numerous small businesses, which all have diverse functions and weekly activities, makes it difficult to keep things in line periodically. I’m constantly taking care of the house as well; cleaning up after my partner and our pet, and preparing our house for guests. My partner’s a police officer, so he often has to be gone for entire days at a time on duty. All of these things justify why I could use some help via having a smart thermostat. I’ve been looking into these new HVAC components a lot lately, pricing quotes and setting up a savings fund to make the investment. I’ve learned that these intelligent temperature control units allow you to modify the temperature settings, including humidity, fan speed, and overall temperature from any place with the click of a button. You simply download the appropriate app on your smartphone or PC, and it connects right up to the smart thermostat. You can also set intricate temperature programs that schedule temperature changes. I often forget to change the temperature before the two of us leave the house for the day or a long weekend, and I would prefer to be able to make these precise air quality alterations from my phone. It would be one less thing on my plate, but it would also be simplifying my life and lowering our weekly energy costs for the foreseeable future.

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Should have paid for HVAC maintenance

I suppose that I can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Admitting defeat is hard for me to do, and I tend to hold firm even when it’s not a wise decision! It’s more harmful to me than anyone else though: I suffer through bad haircuts, drive a beat-up sedan in dire need of repairs, and refuse to sign up for a “rewards program” with any store. True, I’m aware of my stubborn nature, but it’s not like I can just snap my fingers and roll with life. In fact, I’m trying right now to swallow my pride as I enroll in an HVAC repair program. This all started six years ago when the two of us purchased our brand new HVAC system. Being the narrow-minded individual I am, I declined to sign up for the yearly repair package provided by the HVAC supplier. They told us that the package included several repair calls each year, in which the HVAC specialist will take apart and clean the gas furnace and A/C unit. They update the air filters and complete any minor repairs that may need to be made. Best of all, they guarantee their job’s quality and include several free emergency calls throughout the year, in the event that anything goes wrong with the temperature control system. I suppose I should have signed up for this contracted repair package from the get-go, since I might’ve avoided several costly repairs paid out of pocket for my HVAC equipment at my house. Best to just bite the bullet for once, and maybe down the road I’ll look back and appreciate such a “sacrifice”.

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road trip and the HVAC

I am a road trip fanatic. I have travelled the entire United States by automobile over the last ten years. I even have spent some time travelling through Europe by automobile as well. I find it to be the best way to really see the world, because you get to meet the most amazing people. The people you meet have the most silly and fun life stories. I just can’t pass up such a great adventure. I normally travel alone, because I find it is more exciting and I can’t bother with a schedule or worry about other’s routines. The last trip my best friend asked to come along. She always wanted to travel through the desert so I thought it could be fun. I agreed to have her come along and not much driving later I had doubts. She was all about the air conditioner in the car. It had to be at an undoubtedly recognizable temperature and if it wasn’t she was just livid. It only got worse when we stopped at our first hotel. The two of us decided to share a room to save money which ended up being a substantial mistake! Our room’s Heating plus A/C plan was loud but I could deal with the A/C just fine. She wouldn’t have the noise and immediately wanted to change rooms. She kept going on and on about how the noise meant the air filters weren’t changed respectfully. She said the overall system was out of date. I thought she was nuts but both of us changed rooms. The second Heating plus A/C system was not up to par as well! How can one woman have such a substantial issue with a little heating and cooling unit. I don’t know. I told her if she ever wanted to travel with me she will just deal with the room and HVAC system.


Revelation with heating

I never love going to the dentist. I would rather have my teeth pulled than go to a dentist appointment. I am generally a cold blooded guy and I am regularly cold. The dentist’s office was the worst, because they kept their A/C so low and cold all year long. They whine over and over about how they have to keep the central air on to kill the germs. I could never understand in this day and age how they couldn’t have figured out this problem. I was standing in the waiting room shivering in the cold, waiting for my turn, and when they took me back to the exam room I was surprised at first. I felt the A/C coming down from the above air vents, however, there was something weird this time around. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. As I was changing it hit me how warm the floor was when I stood there. Now I was confused.  I wasn’t too cold but I could still feel the cool air. When the nurse came in he saw I looked baffled. I just looked at him and asked what was up. He laughed since he regularly knew I complained about the cold air conditioning. He said that they had installed Radiant Floor Heat this past month. It was a modern type of heating installed into the base of the floors that slowly heated a room as the heat rose up. There was heat for the patient and air conditioning to kill the patient germs. It cost a lot more apparently however it was so nice to experience!

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HVAC filters and pets

Are you considering getting a new pet? Do you live in an environment that demands heating plus air conditioner? I am here to inform you that these numerous things do not go together, and don’t let anyone say it’s not true! I enjoy our animals more than anything on earth, but, after our summertime ultimate Heating plus Air Conditioning accident, I am starting to rethink that; I have been using the HVAC way more than I usually do this year. The heat has been unbearable, I have also had no option but to resort to using it all the time. So, my utility bill has skyrocketed in comparison to previous years. I just can’t stand being overheated; Well, I have constantly been pretty amazing about Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, when it was just me. But, lately, I have been now working full time plus just too slammed with our new dog. I haven’t been thinking correctly. I never thought a pooch could create so many issues to our Heating plus Air Conditioning! My system was running, as usual, one Wednesday, and we were all in the middle of, yet, another heatwave! Just like that, I heard a sizable noise. My Heating plus Air Conditioning unit was making loud noises I have never witnessed before. Then, smoke started to filter out of the air vents. I knew this was not good. I called the emergency line for our Heating plus Air Conditioning and a professional came right out. Their first thing is to check the air vents, air filters, and air ducts. When he pulled out the first air filter, I nearly fell over from embarrassment! It was covered in dog hair! My dog ran under the bed, he knew he was the issue. I just didn’t think one pet could create so many problems!

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Annoying heating and cooling

I live in the university dorms, however i have been living in the dorms for two years. I have a full scholarship for my university education; This included room as well as board; So, as much as I despise dorm living, I easily am locked in. I have to keep up my grades, in order to keep my paid tuition, but lately, I have been easily done with this way of life. There are tons of rules in the dorms… You can’t have a hot plate. You can’t have a portable electric heater. You can’t have a window box cooling system. It feels just like a prison, however, the heating as well as cooling issue is over the top frustrating. The building has an old boiler system in the basement. The heat is irregular as well as unpredictable. If you aren’t in the building when it goes on, you aren’t going to even feel it! There is no a/c that I know of as well as windows that open only a half an inch! I was tired of going to the administration for help with no luck, but finally there was some hope. The resident advisor told me, now that I am going into my third year, I am able to be a resident advisor! When you get this job, you also get a private home in the building that has its own heating as well as cooling unit! Not only do you get an Heating as well as Air Conditioning, but some money as well! I was totally gleeful to get out of dorm living. I filed all the applications. I went on an interview as well and because my grades were on the honor roll, I was hired right then. I am so gleeful to be able to turn on my own heating as well as cooling!

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