Annoying heating and cooling

I live in the university dorms, however i have been living in the dorms for two years. I have a full scholarship for my university education; This included room as well as board; So, as much as I despise dorm living, I easily am locked in. I have to keep up my grades, in order to keep my paid tuition, but lately, I have been easily done with this way of life. There are tons of rules in the dorms… You can’t have a hot plate. You can’t have a portable electric heater. You can’t have a window box cooling system. It feels just like a prison, however, the heating as well as cooling issue is over the top frustrating. The building has an old boiler system in the basement. The heat is irregular as well as unpredictable. If you aren’t in the building when it goes on, you aren’t going to even feel it! There is no a/c that I know of as well as windows that open only a half an inch! I was tired of going to the administration for help with no luck, but finally there was some hope. The resident advisor told me, now that I am going into my third year, I am able to be a resident advisor! When you get this job, you also get a private home in the building that has its own heating as well as cooling unit! Not only do you get an Heating as well as Air Conditioning, but some money as well! I was totally gleeful to get out of dorm living. I filed all the applications. I went on an interview as well and because my grades were on the honor roll, I was hired right then. I am so gleeful to be able to turn on my own heating as well as cooling!

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