HVAC filters and pets

Are you considering getting a new pet? Do you live in an environment that demands heating plus air conditioner? I am here to inform you that these numerous things do not go together, and don’t let anyone say it’s not true! I enjoy our animals more than anything on earth, but, after our summertime ultimate Heating plus Air Conditioning accident, I am starting to rethink that; I have been using the HVAC way more than I usually do this year. The heat has been unbearable, I have also had no option but to resort to using it all the time. So, my utility bill has skyrocketed in comparison to previous years. I just can’t stand being overheated; Well, I have constantly been pretty amazing about Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, when it was just me. But, lately, I have been now working full time plus just too slammed with our new dog. I haven’t been thinking correctly. I never thought a pooch could create so many issues to our Heating plus Air Conditioning! My system was running, as usual, one Wednesday, and we were all in the middle of, yet, another heatwave! Just like that, I heard a sizable noise. My Heating plus Air Conditioning unit was making loud noises I have never witnessed before. Then, smoke started to filter out of the air vents. I knew this was not good. I called the emergency line for our Heating plus Air Conditioning and a professional came right out. Their first thing is to check the air vents, air filters, and air ducts. When he pulled out the first air filter, I nearly fell over from embarrassment! It was covered in dog hair! My dog ran under the bed, he knew he was the issue. I just didn’t think one pet could create so many problems!

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