Should have paid for HVAC maintenance

I suppose that I can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Admitting defeat is hard for me to do, and I tend to hold firm even when it’s not a wise decision! It’s more harmful to me than anyone else though: I suffer through bad haircuts, drive a beat-up sedan in dire need of repairs, and refuse to sign up for a “rewards program” with any store. True, I’m aware of my stubborn nature, but it’s not like I can just snap my fingers and roll with life. In fact, I’m trying right now to swallow my pride as I enroll in an HVAC repair program. This all started six years ago when the two of us purchased our brand new HVAC system. Being the narrow-minded individual I am, I declined to sign up for the yearly repair package provided by the HVAC supplier. They told us that the package included several repair calls each year, in which the HVAC specialist will take apart and clean the gas furnace and A/C unit. They update the air filters and complete any minor repairs that may need to be made. Best of all, they guarantee their job’s quality and include several free emergency calls throughout the year, in the event that anything goes wrong with the temperature control system. I suppose I should have signed up for this contracted repair package from the get-go, since I might’ve avoided several costly repairs paid out of pocket for my HVAC equipment at my house. Best to just bite the bullet for once, and maybe down the road I’ll look back and appreciate such a “sacrifice”.

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