The office cooling system

About a year ago, my husband, Dave  and I decided to build a small house from the ground up. We immediately knew what kind of air conditioning system we wanted to have. We discussed using window unit air conditioners but we found something far better. We wanted a permanently installed ductless mini split a/c.  These units are way more energy efficient, wonderfully quiet, and are more affordable to buy and operate. In the past, we  used a mini split air conditioner in our home office.  It easily handled the heat and humidity. It operated from a remote control and was programmable.  The unit required little upkeep. I loved how clean and quiet it was, because the ductless air conditioner was never a distraction to me. I know that a window unit air conditioner would be much louder.  A quiet, compact air conditioner is a priority for us in  our new home because space is limited and there will be no escaping the noise. Plus, the air provided by a ductless system is typically very   evenly dispersed. The mini split air conditioners feature powerful fans and are excellent for filtration and dehumidification purposes.  They use inverter technology to adapt speed, which provides superior comfort and energy efficiency.   Dave and I are nearly done with the construction phase of our new home.  I am confident that we’ll be be happy.  We are excited to have the ductless mini split installed and try it out.  I think it will perfectly suit our needs.  It should easily handle temperature control and help to trim down monthly costs.

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