I really want my home to be tested

My boyfriend Marcus works full time for a radon company. I have asked my guy to explain to me quite a few times what he does, but I never seem to get it… Radon is a gas that is poisonous that people sometimes remove from their home. Apparently there is a radon device and products that are able to assist with this. Marcus works for a company that specializes in radon! The kicker is that my boyfriend’s company does not take care of radon detection. They don’t set up the detectors in your dwelling, learn the levels and tell you there is unsafe amounts of radon. They do other things. I am guessing what my boyfriend must do is set up the equipment to remove the radon. They must set up the piping and air vents to blow out the radon from the home! So they handle radon equipment installation and removal. I wonder how much that typically costs. I don’t suppose there is a giant market for radon removal. How many people on their own test for radon and then afterwards call a company for this? I suppose the company should expand to detection and perhaps other dangerous home gases also. I just don’t feel there is enough of a draw to radon removal. Although, Marcus is pretty well off, works full time and regularly seems to be busy. So there has to be more of a market for radon technology than I know of! Perhaps I am the only woman that is completely knowledgeable and lazy when it comes to radon. I have never even tested our home for this gas ever.

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Keeping a safe home

My partner Cory as well as I recently moved into a new dwelling! My partner is a fixer as well as thoroughly enjoys to get deep into projects! Cory was recently in our basement gutting it as well as making it into a fitness room! While he was taking care of all sorts of construction, he make the decision to test for radon. I really didn’t know radon was a real thing as well as something to test for. It certainly was a good thing my partner was aware as well as thought ahead to test out our home. The two of us had incredibly high, dangerous levels of radon in our basement, and radon is almost undetectable. It is colorless, odorless as well as can only be detected with a distinct detector. If you don’t look for radon in your property, you can easily be poisoned. That is right, radon is seriously a poison. It is actually a cancer causing gas that affects a lot of residents. Cory found it instantly as well as called a corporation that specializes in radon removal. They were able to install piping in our basement as well as a pump looking machine. Basically what it does is collects the radon as well as then pumps it through the pipes as well as out of our indoor air. The upgrade of this radon device was definitely not cheap, but it was vital. It really comes down to this question; do you want cancer or a new device in your basement? That is essentially what my partner as well as I had concluded together. It was horrible to deal with but I am blissful that the threat of radon is no longer in my home. I can’t imagine how awful my situation could have been without my partner. I know for a fact that I never would have found the radon.

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The heating system was not bad

Last weekend, my guy and I had supper reservations at a new spot in town. It was a cool vegan place that our friends told us about. So, the people I was with and I decided to try it out. All of us made supper reservations for inside, because it is the middle of September here and it is actually pretty chilly. When we arrived a the restaurant, the people I was with and I walked into the nice, warm, heated bar and told the server that we all had a reservation. She said that they had accidentally given our table away; however, we could sit outside under a heater with some blankets and gave us a bottle of wine for free. There were quite a few people outside, and not to kick up a fuss, we agreed. So, the people I was with and I sat outside under the gas furnace and it wasn’t too bad. They also gave us some blankets, which was nice too. We enjoyed our drinks out there, but as soon as our food came out it turned chilly in a matter of minutes, which we hadn’t thought about. It was at that point that the people I was with started complaining about being outside under the heating. The food just wasn’t that enjoyable cold. Also, with chilly food, we started to notice more how really chilly it was outside. We could see inside all the happy guests dining inside under the heat. So, the people I was with and I didn’t stay long–no dessert or extra beer or anything, and we ended up going to a movie instead.

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The eating establishment

My wife in addition to my friends thought that it would be a great idea for us to have brunch at the plaza. The people in addition to myself had not had brunch at the plaza since they did they’re remodeling. Myself in addition to others met on the very same morning, in addition to the fact that everyone of us went inside of the building at the same time. Every person in the room look to be having a good time, so the people in addition to myself sat down in addition to thought about what we were going to have with our omelette breakfast. My friends ordered some Dunkin Donuts coffee in addition to eggs in addition to bacon. I decided to order a spinach souffle, because I had thinking been thinking about that all week. My wifey and addition to myself started to feel cold, in addition to the fact that I realized that all of us were seeded underneath the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C air vent. There weren’t very many seats that were open in the place, so I decided to give my wife my jacket. After a little while, I was also starting to feel extremely cold from the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C system. I waved our host over to the table, in addition to ask if the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C idea could be adjusted. He returned after a few moments, in addition to told me that he had done something to take care of the problem for everyone of us.

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Want warm toes in the apartment

My condo is one super chilly in the Wintertime. It is really amazing to me how much the temperature drops just in my place, and now that I think about it, most of the time, it is colder inside my condo than outside! It’s nuts. I dress up nice and warm for the day, thinking it’s gonna be cold outside, only to find out that it’s not even that chilly outside! My Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan is terrible, so we essentially have no heat all Wintertime long, however, the worst space is the floor of my apartment. It is some material that seems to just retain cold. I can’t even kneel on the floor without wearing my slippers because it literally feels enjoy I’m going to lose my toes to frostbite. It’s horrible, and I need to either transfer out or get my landlord to do something serious about this heating situation. I just talked to a friend who installed radiant floors in her house, and when I went to visit, it was crazy. I actually laid down on the floor because it was so sizzling and nice and warm, and you immediately notice the heat radiating from beneath you–it was amazingly awesome! No slippers necessary in that condo at all. It is also one of the best ways to heat your condo because this way, the heat rises which allows the entire condo to be heated from your feet up, instead of just hanging around like a regular gas furnace. I hope my property owner gets a new HVAC system soon!

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I can’t believe this pizza

A few days ago, my partner said that it would be a fantastic time for the two of us to have a bit of dinner together.The two of us had not had dinner together in quite some time, due to our busy schedules had not been matching. I readily agreed with my wife’s decision, and ask her where she thought that the two of us should spend our evening. She thought that it would be fun for all of us to go to a place that we had never been before. We had not seen this place since it had open, so the two of us would enjoy the place together for the first time. The two of us ordered all of our food including chicken piccata, veal parmesan, and chicken Kiev. We ordered a few drinks and appetizers and waited for our food to arrive. My wife and I both commented on the Ambiance inside of the restaurant, as it seemed to be very authentic Italian. The indoor air quality also made the place feel like Italy, because it was quite monkey and warm inside. Even though the place was a new establishment, it didn’t seem like they had a new HVAC system. If the HVAC system was brand-new, then it didn’t seem like they were using it at all. My partner decided to flag down the nearest server, and ask them about the HVAC settings. They apologize for the poor indoor air quality, and offered to find out if they could adjust the HVAC thermostat for our zone of the restaurant.

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Hating the heater on

Travelling for the holidays is usually an exciting thing. This year however, it was a nightmare; My parents down south asked us to bring them an antique vehicle they had bought in our area, and we agreed before thinking about what that might mean. The vehicle drove well and had plenty of area inside and in the trunk, but it lacked air conditioning or heating. When we stepped out of the house, the temperature outside that day was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We ran inside the vehicle as fast as we could and covered ourselves in blankets. The first minute driving was terrible since we nearly froze. Then the sun came up and the vehicle warmed up, and as we moved further south, the temperature rose slowly. After three hours, we rolled the windows down and let the breeze in. We packed up the blankets and took off our jackets. After another hour, we started to sweat. The vehicle felt much like an oven, and we were the turkeys. We had one more hour of driving to go, and I dreamed of being in my parent’s house in the air conditioner. As the minutes passed, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. I was melting! I looked at the controls for the air conditioner and pressed one. The fan turned on, but the only thing that came out was air hotter than the temperature in the car! Finally, we arrived at my parent’s house. As soon as I stepped through the door and felt the air conditioner on my face, I felt immediate relief. We made the trip back home in the most appealing rental car. This time, one with air conditioning.

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This was very fun

Last year I was outside trying to scrub up from Wintertime while getting some new flowers planted.  It was May, & the snow had finally all melted.  My hubby & I were so busy, and we didn’t even notice the hot & cold temperatures had been steadily falling.  I heard the cell phone ring so I answered it.  As I was talking to my mom, she heard an exclamation & asked what was wrong.  It had actually started to snow, & she called me a liar.  I recorded a video, & I sent it to her.  The two of us had huge snowflakes that were starting to stick.  I took all of my yard components up to the house, & I placed them on the porch.  My hubby was right behind.  The two of us turned the temperature up on the temperature control, & we sat down together.  He started to laugh & he told me that this was a sign that we should be seeing that new movie.  We spent that afternoon listening to the furnace and watching the new movie on Netflix.  He was pleased & went to sleep with the heating on his chair.  I was wanting to get outside, but we already had more than two inches of snow. I just decided to curl up on the couch, & take a nap.  Next week, the weather forecasters were calling for hot & cold temperatures in the low seventies, & advertising cooling systems as their current contest prize.

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We did not get a heater repair

This is the last time we call that HVAC service company to come and service our air conditioner. Every time we make an appointment with them, something goes wrong! They take forever to finish their work, charge much more than the other companies in the area, and show no remorse for it. This Thanksgiving, we’d called them to come and look at our heater. It had been making a strange noise, so we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to fall apart while we had our guests over. I made sure to schedule the appointment for early in the morning so that they could be here and gone before our guests arrived, but it was pointless! Nine o’clock came, and there was no HVAC van to be seen. The hours ticked by, and I began to worry. Thanksgiving dinner was at 2 PM, and knowing how this company worked, even a straight-forward check up would take hours. Ten o’clock came and still no van. Finally, we saw the repairmen pull up around one0:30 AM. They began to work at their typical slow pace, much to my frustration. At noon, I went out to check up on them, and they said that there was a problem with the fan motor and it would take them about another 3 hours to service it. This was bad news for Thanksgiving dinner – we wouldn’t have a furnace the whole time they worked and the temperature outside was starting to drop. We did the only thing we could do and called up the family members to let them know what was going on, and ask them to please dress warmly and bring blankets to play it safe. It wasn’t until about 4PM when everyone settled down to watch the game that we got our heating back. I know it’s time we found a new contractor, one that’s more reliable and efficient than this one.

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The outside weather is tough

I never liked camping, but I actually did a lot of it when I was growing up.  My parents always insisted that I had to go camping when they went, even if I didn’t ever enjoy it.  It was always hot, and there were bugs biting the entirety of the time we were there.  If you wore the awful, smelly bug repellent, it helped, but then your food tasted like its smell.  I also didn’t like how you always reeked of smoke from the fire.  If you wanted to be somewhere dry and warm, you had to be right by the campfire.  I always prayed for massive thunderstorms that would make our parents take us home, or maybe even a blizzard.   I absolutely didn’t care what it was as long as I could get home to a shower, as well as our glorious air conditioning.  I couldn’t believe anyone actually chose to do this on purpose.  As I got older, I gained the right to say no to going camping.  I eventually found out that I liked camping, but only under our conditions.  I needed to have a hotel right by mountainside, with a superb Heating and A/C system inside the rooms.  I would even settle for a superb Heating and A/C system inside of a camper that had a shower with hot running water.   I wasn’t that tough to please, but I really just didn’t want to be bit up by bugs, or needing to sleep in damp sleeping bags on the ground.  I also absolutely didn’t want to stink like wood smoke.  Maybe I am prissy and picky, as my sibling calls me. At least then I am warm and dry.HVAC